You Won’t Believe These 8 Mind-blowingly Beautiful Rock Formations

There are boring rocks and then there are these rocks. Just when you think rocks couldn’t surprise you, we bring you 8 of the most breathtaking rock formations that will suddenly make you want to be a geologist.

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#1 Puerto Tranquilo

Is this real life or is this a Pixar studio?

Where: Chile, Puerto Rico

What: A sea cave that’s been created by the water currents against limestone. This is sometimes referred to as the “Marble Caves”, so don’t get confused.

#2 Coron

Middle Earth ain’t got nothin’ on this

Where: Palawan, Philippines

What: An outcrop of rocks around the islands of Coron. There’s some good swimming and diving, so that’s another reason to visit.

#3 Svartifoss

The dark side of all waterfalls

Where: Skaftafell National Park, Iceland

What: Balsaltic formations are generally pretty, but this one takes the cake. A really dark cake. Nicknamed the Black Waterfall for its black, sharp outcrops.

#4 Wave Rock

Cowwwabungga! We’re going surfin’

Where: Perth, Western Australia

What: Basically a 47 ft-high, 350 ft-long monzogranite formation. The reason why it looks the way it does is due to a gradual erosion of softer rock beneath the upper edge over many centuries. #coolscience

#5 Bruce Canyon National Park

Going ombre before it was cool

Where: Utah, United States

What: Also a product from the forces of erosion, the Bryce Canyon National Park is also home to one of the longest active astronomy program in the National Park service due to its lack of artificial light interference.

#6 Tsingy de Bemaraha

This looks like where White Walkers are born

Where: Madagascar

What: A forest of karst, limestone needles, called Tsingys. Tsingy means “where one cannot walk barefoot”. Well, yeah, you don’t need to tell us twice.

#7 Göreme

Don't say it
Don’t say it

Where: Cappadocia, Turkey

What: These -ahem- “fairy chimneys” are the work of master sculptor erosion, and actually have hotels carved into them. Other than that, we’re pretty sure the name “fairy chimneys” are to detract from the fact that these rocks are oddly phallic in shape. God bless Mother Nature, she’s a single woman, too.

#8 The Giant’s Causeway

Stone masons couldn’t do any better

Where: Ireland

What: Volcanic activity pushing basalt through chalk, making a vertical basaltic rock. Erosion has made sure that only the tops are visible, making for a very strange, yet beautiful cobblestone walkway.

Are there any other cool rock formations that we missed out, nomads? 

Photo credits: Main1234, 5, 6, 7, and 8

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  1. Beautiful!
    However, the picture from “Wave rock” is incorrect. THe pic is from “the wave” in Utah.
    Wave rock in Australia looks very different… more like a single surf wave.

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