5 Unexpected And Very Romantic Places to Pop the Question

Wedding season is approaching, but for the rest of us, there’s hope for a proposal anywhere in the world. Heck, we’d say yes at any of these cool spots. But if you get a “no”, ouch, but there are still some pretty amazing places known to take your mind off heartbreak.

Not even halfway there? Ask your partner these 5 questions before taking your first ever trip together.

#1 ‘Little Petra’, Jordan

Known as the “rose red city, half as old as time”

Perfect for: The spontaneous duo

It’s the classic candlelight dinner proposal, re-imagined. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays they hold Petra By Night by the canyons. You’re greeted and escorted by Nabatean soldiers through a torch-lit path on traditional Bedouin carpets. Dinner is served over classical music playing in the background as you wait for the perfect moment. Hurry though, because you’re in the company of other diners and who knows whose got a ring up their sleeves. If you’re lucky, you can wait it out till after dinner when everyone gathers around on the carpets and listens to very calming flute playing by a Bedouin man.

#2 Kerala, India

There are a number of truly upscale resorts in the area too

Perfect for: Seasoned travellers

By now you’d have visited far more beaches than you can count, and you’re aching for something different. While the Taj Mahal certainly is romantic, and you’d probably expect your partner to get down on one knee in a scene framed by the palace behind you (bonus points for a sunset), Kerala in the south is a paradise not everyone knows about. The small state is lined with beaches and lots of greenery. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, stepping into Kerala is like finding a whole new world together — cheesy yes, but also very romantic.

#3 Waitomo Glowworms Cave in New Zealand

A sky full of stars worms, such a heavenly view

Perfect for: The adventurous couple

Who would ever associate worms with romance? But it works when you take a boat ride in the famous glowworm cave, an attraction in ‘middle earth’ since the late 1880s. Thousands of worms hold tight (not guaranteed) to the cave walls. The blue lights they radiate are actually their natural bait for catching insects, in case you were wondering. You can’t take boats out by yourself without a guide, so a quick word to the guide about your plans beforehand is necessary.

#4 Bergen, Norway

The Gateway to the Fjords

Perfect for: The ‘white picket fence’-dreamers

Get a head start (perhaps even on family life?) at the cutest suburban neighbourhood you’ll ever see. This cruise port-town has that charming small-town feel, with old streets, wooden houses and stone sidewalks. And of course, flowers blooming all around. With no particular spot to get down on one knee, anywhere along an evening walk to the Fish Market is picturesque enough, or at the Bergen Aquarium where you’ll be in the company of cute penguins and seals.

#5 Shakespeare & Company Bookshop in Paris

Don’t: Hide it in the romance section

Perfect for: The hipsters.

We’re really taken with this one (and only about 40% hipster, we think). This bookshop on Left Bank in Paris is a place to get lost in. Legends like Ernest Hemingway himself have been there back in the day, and thankfully, the place retains its old-school charm. Hiding the ring inside her favourite book seems like an obvious choice, but it sure beats stuffing it into a piece of cake at the store’s cafe corner.


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