This Week in Travel: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards!

We’d like to dedicate this week’s post to all those affected by the recent bomb blast in Bangkok. You are always in our thoughts, Thailand.

#1 Meanwhile in Japan

They sell tortoise attire in pet shops? Or is this tailor-made?

Who: The world’s most patient man and his African spurred tortoise.

Where: Around the streets of Tokyo in Japan.

What: What happens in Japan, makes it out to the rest of the world. The duo have been together for a long time (clearly, look at the size of that thing), but virtually everyone has been gushing over this man and his best friend. The tortoise even sports several different outfits, according to those in Tokyo lucky enough to stumble upon such a sight.

#2 A Taxi Driver & His Passenger’s Day of Fun

That’s the face of a happy camper.

Who: Liam Murphy, a test engineer from Cork in Ireland and his taxi driver in the United Arab Emirates.

Where: On a work trip, Murphy decided to take a cab from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to spend an afternoon at Ferrari World.

What: During the two hour drive, Murphy learned that his taxi driver, Shakiha, had never been to an amusement park before! So he decided to make a day of it and brought Shakiha along with him, even paying for his ticket and pizza for the journey back home. Murphy told Buzzfeed, “Every time he drops passengers off he stays in the car for the day. I decided to bring him along for the laugh.”

#3 Melbourne is the “Best City to Live in”


Who: Proud residents of Melbourne and anyone thinking of moving to a new city.

Where: Melbourne, ‘Straya!

What: The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) published its 2015 list of the top cities in the world to live in. For the fifth consecutive year, Melbourne took the top spot, with Vienna, Vancouver and Toronto coming in after, with Adelaide and Calgary tied for fifth place. Who can argue? Melbourne’s got a great vibe and amazing coffee. Because that’s what you’re looking for in a city.

#4 Animals Can be so LOL

Painful Pleasure
We have a ‘Fri-YAY dance’ that looks just like that!

Who: Animals with a sense of humour and wildlife photographers.

Where: The animal kingdom?

What: Let the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards begin! Founded by a fellow wildlife photographer, the competition isn’t all fun and games. In partnership with the Born Free Foundation, the competition encourages photographers and voters around the globe to care for animals. We spent more time than we care to admit browsing through the entries, and we think we’ve found our favourite! The closing date is October 1st so you’ve still got time.

#5 Vietnam Just Got a Whole Lot Better

One to two-bedrooms from gasp — USD 251!

Who: You!

Where: Fusion Resort Nha Trang in Vietnam

What: Be one of the first to stay at the newly-opened beachfront resort in Nha Trang. We’re 100% sure this is going to be one of Vietnam’s most popular resorts in no time. And you don’t just sit outside and enjoy the view — there’s plenty to do here. Guests can head to Maia Spa for Chamveda therapies and wellness activities, have healthy food at Fresh restaurant, and top it off with a little “unhealthy” at Zen Bar or Boat Bar. Hey, balance is important!

What do you have planned for the weekend

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