This Week in Travel: China to Ban its Rowdy Passengers From Flying

Still in that festive, holiday mood? We feel you. So let’s procrastinate a little while longer…

#1 Tokyo to Have the World’s Tallest Skyscapper

Can you imagine how long it would take for the lift to arrive?

Who: Designed by Kohn Pederson Fox Associates.

Where: Tokyo, Japan.

What: The soon-to-be Jeddah Tower was barely having its moment before plans proposing an even higher 5,577 feet-high Sky Mile Tower were unveiled. The Sky Mile Tower has a hexagonal design, found to be the most wind-resistant shape. It’s a residential building with open-air sky decks and facilities like shops, restaurants, gyms and clinics. This will all be part of the Next Tokyo development, a “high density ecodistrict” designed to “adapt to climate change”. Not sure how, but we’ll have to wait till 2045 to find out.

#2 Mum & Baby Spend Maternity Leave Travelling


Who: Travel Mad Mum (her words, not ours) and her baby girl Esme.

Where: Everywhere! They’ve been to Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia… the list goes on.

What: Who says you can’t have it all? Karen Edwards and her husband Shaun Bayes from Ireland just love to travel, and when their daughter was born, the new parents decided to literally, show her the world. Shaun stayed for just a couple of months with them in New Zealand, but mum and Esme carried on, and shared their adventures on her Instagram page. “Esmé has had so many new experiences. She’s very sociable. She really loves being outside,” said Karen. The trip lasted 10 months but we have a feeling the world will be seeing much more of them soon — can’t keep a nomad (or two) down for too long!

#3 China Wants to Ban its Rowdy Passengers

Beijing Capital International Airport on a very, very quiet day

Who: Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Airlines and Spring Air.

Where: At airports in China.

What: These five airlines will soon be blacklisting troublemaker passengers as more and more complaints emerge about China’s rowdy travellers. A representative from Spring Air said some passengers have even gotten physically violent with the staff. Some of these incidents even make headlines around the world — remember last year when Thailand detained about 30 travellers that grew upset about a delayed flight, and took to singing the Chinese National anthem and refusing to board the aircraft?

#4 One Small Wave, One Big Step For Mankind

Chips ahoy!

Who: A Swede named Andreas Sjostrom.

Where: Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sweeden.

What: Everyone was seriously confused when Sjostrom managed to (and legally) board a flight without a boarding pass or smartphone, and just with a wave of his hand. Well, he had a microchip implanted in his hand with his frequent flyer identification number on it. He gushed, “I am actually carrying the right to travel. You can strip me of everything and the system will let me in anyway.” Want it? You might still be able to find the kit online like the 43-year-old did. Just don’t install it yourself!

#5 New From Niseko

FYI, NOW is the PERFECT time for skiing

Who: For chic ski pals who are always living in style wherever they go.

Where: Whiskey Woods in Lower Hirafu.

What: Depending on the size of your group, the 4-bedroom townhouse can accommodate up to 9 guests while the smaller 2-bedroom townhouse is able to fit a maximum of 5. Both units feature a tinge rustic charm, towering ceilings, wooden facades and signature furniture pieces that blend together tastefully. Whiskey Woods is generous in space, making it ideal for socialising and mingling after a long day out on the slopes. Modern facilities and comforts complete the picture and if you’re seeking some excitement around town, Hirafu’s hottest joints of wine and dine are only a short stroll away.

What’s good this weekend? 

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