You helped us get a seabin – and it’s doing great things

As some of you may know, in June this year we fundraised USD 5,600 from The Luxe Nomad members, to procure a seabin to place at Aberdeen Marina Club in Hong Kong. A seabin is a fantastic invention: a floating bin that sits in the water and collects rubbish, not fish!

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How the seabin works

Since then, our seabin has been collecting on average 156.4kg of rubbish a month. When you forecast that over a year, it adds up to approx 2 tonnes of rubbish taken out of the water.

On top of that, we are happy to announce that post our campaign, Goldcoast Marina in Hong Kong also decided to install a seabin! Our next step will be to seek corporate sponsorship to help place multiple seabins in different marinas.

Whilst we recognise this not a (major) game changer or the answer to plastic pollution, we do feel that every bit helps. And hey, if we can get 10 seabins in the sea – that’s 20 tonnes of rubbish out of the water in just a year! Bear in mind – the amount of rubbish collected by the seabins here in Asia is far more than what is collected in Europe, so this really is an issue that our region has to address.

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So a big thank you again to everyone who donated or even just sent us emails with good wishes – we really appreciate your support. And though the cynics out there may say it’s too late to change things, we prefer to instead think that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that together (i.e. you, me, the world) we will fix things somehow, in some way!

Stephanie Chai

As someone who would find any excuse to jump on a plane, this Chief Nomad turned her love for travel into a business. Having launched late July 2012, Stephanie and her team are set on building it to be Asia-Pacific's #1 luxury villa booking and management company. Other than that, in her spare time she has a penchant for dancing on her coffee table whilst her two cats watch on in bemusement, wondering when they will next be fed.

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