How to wear fall colours in the tropics

When the fashion world shifts from the SS (spring/summer) to the FW (fall/winter), coats drape nonchalantly from shoulders, turtlenecks or scarves wrap many a chilly neck, Chelsea boots kick up autumn leaves like something out of a music video.

But not in regions with year-round 30-degree weathers. The best way to avoid FOMO and still enjoy that fall disposition is to incorporate the season’s key colours into your summer-appropriate dress code. Neutrals, mustard, maroons, deep jewel tones and muted hues are your go-tos. Here are a few ideas.

Instead of a coat: Dress

It’s nice to think of how chic you’d look in a camel coat, or a sleek trench coat of the Burberry persuasion. But no mall air conditioning is enough of an excuse to sweat it out like an overzealous fashionista.

Shop: Pixie Market maxi dress, USD 135

Instead of a turtleneck: T-shirt

First, get thyself acquainted with this song about striped turtleneck sweaters by Spongebob (the one and only). Then, face the fact that this is not the climate for them.

Shop: Everlane The Square Tee, USD 18

Everland square tee burgundy

Shop: Uniqlo U T-shirt, USD 14.90

Instead of a crisp shirt: A light top

Well, you can’t live in T-shirts all the time, can you?

Shop: Free People smocked top, USD 88

Shop: Marks & Spencer shirt, USD 32

Instead of jeans: Tailored shorts

Jeans are pretty versatile, no matter the climate, but we never say no to a little more leg room, so to speak.

Shop: Red Valentino high waist shorts, USD 450

Shop: Emporio Armani tailored shorts, USD 150

Instead of thermal underwear: Swimsuits

Nothing sexy about thermal underwear, don’t even try to salvage it.

Shop: Heidi Klein halterneck swimsuit, USD 244

Heidi Klein swimsuit

Shop: Zimmermann cut-out swimsuit, USD 367

Zimmermann swimsuit

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Instead of an oversized bag: Small shoulder bags

For the one who actually succeeds in carrying just the bare essentials.

Shop: Chloé Small Tess bag, USD 1,819

Chloe small Tess Bag

Instead of boots: Sandals

In case you haven’t already figured it out, this article should really be called “Unbiased reasons as to why the tropics are the best.” And not least of these reasons are wear-everyday sandals!

Shop: & Other Stories leather sandals, USD 79

And other stories sandals

Shop: Givenchy slides, USD 295

Givenchy slides

Now pick a place to show off your wardrobe!

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