Next Level Stuff: The Coolest New Gadgets for the Beach

Let’s go shopping before your next big beach getaway. You’re going to need more than just SPF and a beach towel if you want to vacation in style. Hey, travel is an investment, right? And so are these:

#1 Ultimate Ears Megaboom

Untitled design (16)
Give our favourite villa-inspired playlist a listen. A loud one.

Why we love it: Because we also really loved carrying around a boombox back in the day. This is a little less swag but a lot more efficient. Not forgetting that it’s also waterproof. The Megaboom uses your phone’s Bluetooth to play music loud enough to fill a one-bedroom villa. And the bass is pretty kickin’ too. Dance party!

Buy it here: Ultimate Ears

#2 Pebble Steel

Untitled design (17)
The Apple Watch doesn’t look this good, that’s for sure.

Why we love it: Too busy relaxing to check your phone? But still want to know what’s going on and who clearly didn’t get the memo that you’re on vacation? With this arm candy, all you need to know is glance down to peak at incoming notifications. Its face is made from a special glass that keeps out sand and water.

Buy it here: Pebble Time

#3 Waka Waka Power+

The catch? Remembering to solar-charge your charger.

Why we love it: We’re always forgetting to charge our phones. Can you relate? This life-saver (depending on how addicted you are to your own phone) can fully charge an smartphone in just two hours but get this — it’s solar powered! For every WakaWaka eh eh you purchase, another is sent to a family in the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

Buy it here: Waka Waka

#4 Waterfi Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite

What was life like before Kindle?

Why we love it: Because we love vacation reads! Besides the obvious waterproof feature, this Kindle also makes it easy to read under sunlight with its front-lit display. There’s also an eight week battery life span (one less device you need to remember to charge!) and if you’re wondering just how waterproof it is; the custom coating protects your nomad library as low as 210 feet underwater.

Buy it here: Waterfi

#5 GoPro Hero 4

Always wanted a GoPro? Read our guide on how to get yourself sorted.

Why we love it: It’s only the most advanced GoPro ever! And it’s waterproof on its own so you don’t need to get a case, but you might want to consider scoring a selfie pole or handle setup if you’re planning on indulging in water sports. If you’re thinking of just watching the clouds go by at the beach, capture a time lapse video without needing to spend hours in the editing room.

Buy it here: Shop.GoPro

Did someone say “beach“?

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