Cheat Death: 6 of the Deadliest Places in the World To Visit

#1 Alnwick Poison Gardens, United Kingdom
You need about 10 berries to kill you, but one leaf can do the job as well.

This isn’t your regular shroom; the Alnwick Poison gardens are where they house over 100 plants of varying deadliness from the seemingly harmless hemlock to the belladonna. Behind locked gates, you can actually buy tickets to take a walk in the garden of death, but even with guidelines and strict supervision, 7 people have fainted this past summer from inhaling toxic fumes. Well, they did warn you not to smell the flowers.

#2 The African Lake of Death, Cameroon, Africa

This is when Mother Nature gets passive aggressive. Not pretty.
This is when Mother Nature gets passive aggressive. Not pretty.

This lake killed 1200 people in 1986 due to the pool of hot magma 50 miles below the lake that was continuously emitting carbon dioxide causing it to collect at the lowest levels of the lake. When the gas had reached 100% saturation, a spontaneous eruption of foaming carbonated water shot out of the lake and released a gas cloud of carbon dioxide that slid down to the low lying villages, suffocating almost all.

Rehabitation is said to be in progress, with many just wanting to go back to their ancestral homes or to take advantage of the fertile soil.

#3 Devil’s pool at the Victoria Falls, Zambia, Africa

Er... We hope you know what you're doing, young man.
Er… We hope you know what you’re doing, young man.

Most of the year, any who fall in would be swiftly carried to their watery graves, but when the waters thin, tourists discovered a lip of rock that would hold them from being tossed into a 100m drop. A phenomenon that would only happen once a year draws everyone including parents with children (really, what are you thinking?) to swim in the Devil’s pool. However, even if that lip of rock holds you back, there’s still stupidity that might get you killed.

#4 The I-44 Tornado Corridor, Oklahoma, USA

We would live completely out of disposables! But props to the people living there.
Props to the people living there; we’d live completely out of disposables.

Yeah, tornados happen, but this 177km strip of land from Oklahoma to Tulsa happens to be notorious for its destructive tornadoes that have torn down its length. Although it has seen hundreds of tornados in the last century and it’s known to be one of the deadliest places to stay, people still continue to live there. #YOLO, we guess.

#5 The Cold Pole, Verkhoyansk, Russia

Do you wanna build a snowman....? This must be what summer looks like.
Do you wanna build a snowman….? This must be what summer looks like.

It’s the coldest city in the world, where you get fewer than 5 hours of sunlight each day in the months from September to March. Average winter temperatures are typically -50 degrees with the lowest recorded being -67 degrees celcius. The river is frozen 9 months out of the year, and there’s no sunlight during winter… at all. People still continue to live there, though the population is said to be about only 1500.

#6 Dominica Boiling Lake, Dominica

Throw all of South Korea's kimchi in and we'd all have great soup.
Throw all of South Korea’s kimchi in and we’d all have great soup.

It’s the second largest hot spring in the world, but it’s also constantly boiling. And we’re talking close to 100 degrees celcius here. It’s continuously veiled in clouds of vapour – great for a sauna session. On the way, you can check out the Valley of Desolation, where vapours and gases hiss from various cracks throughout.

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Would you go to any of these places, nomads?

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