8 Signs You’re an Asian Traveller

Are you more interested in the shopping than the monuments? Read on to find out if you’re an Asian traveller!

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#1 You’re More Interested in the Shopping than the Monuments

Pyramids shmyramids. Let’s go to Galeries Lafayette!

It’s a good thing the Pyramids aren’t for sale, or we’d have bought them if we could. It’s not that the Asian traveler isn’t interested in  history; we just like to take a piece of a place back with us.

#2 Your Camera Lens is Larger than a Small Child’s Head

Ok, just a move a little to the left…

We need a good camera because we photograph everything. Even food, pets, and fellow tourists posing beside random street signs.

#3 You Make that “V” Sign in Almost Every Picture You Take

Peace! Erm, no…maybe we’re counting numbers in Korean!

In Britain, make sure it’s not the back of your hand that’s showing when you do it. Otherwise your itinerary will include the doctor’s office. Oops. 

#4 You Have an Unlimited Range of Improbable Poses

Just stahppppp!

We don’t just want an interesting picture – we want to taunt the jealous relatives who weren’t there with us. Hence our many ways of making the most serious monuments look ridiculous.

#5 You Have a Convenience Store’s Worth of Wet Wipes and Sanitizers

This ought to cover it!

And that was just in my left sock. Seriously, if you ever need a wet wipe or sanitizer while on tour, look for Asian mums or grandmas. They hoard these like apocalypse survivors hoard canned food.

#6 Your Bag is Worth the GDP of the Country You’re Visiting

How much???

These same people will then use traveller’s cheques, for fear of being mugged.  Go figure.

#7 You’ll Wake Up for the Free Breakfast, Even if it Kills You

Think we missed any food group out?

If we’re still asleep when it’s time for the complimentary buffet breakfast, you’d better wake us up. Otherwise you get to hear us whine about that missed meal for the rest of the trip.

#8 Nothing’s as Foreign as the Concept of “Roughing It”

All that space, and nowhere to charge the iPhone…

When we say we were “roughing it”, we probably meant there was nowhere to charge our iPads. Asian travellers are the lifeblood of big hotel chains, luxury villas and stylish boutique hotels; so don’t expect your Asian friend to hold up in a tiny 3-star motel or hostel.

Travel in style

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