10 Signs You Need a Vacation, Like Right Now

When was the last time you felt the warmth of the sun on your bare skin? Vacation days are meant for vacations. If you find yourself relating to most (or all!) of these signs, dust yourself off and fly again.

#1 You have a Skyscanner Tab Open Constantly

Price alerts = pressure.

You’ve got alerts out for the cheapest flights, cheapest month and the cheapest destination… even though you probably won’t end up booking a flight.

#2 All your Leave Days are Spent on Weddings

You’d get married too, if it meant you got to go on a honeymoon.

There’s a fine line between destination weddings and vacations, and you cross it every month, so it seems.

#3 You Spend Lunch Breaks at Travel Sites

What 1 pm generally looks like.

Thanks, y’alls. Keep scrolling.

#4 You Drunk Text Your Boss

And your S/O thinks you’re “cheating”.

Your employer is the first person you run to with exciting news. Meanwhile, you can’t remember when the last time you called home was.

#5 You’re Always Working Late Nights

And no one wants to wake up the office grouch.

You’re not necessarily working hard. You’re just working. A lot.

#6 Seriously. Always. Tired

Basically you, only cuter.

Still feeling sluggish on a Monday even though you practically slept through the entire weekend.

#7 You’ve been MIA from Instagram 

You’ve gone too far. Too far, we say.

When quotes are more interesting than your life. #OyVey

#8 You Recreate Bali in Your Backyard

sun-hat-364544_1280 (1)
Slap on a few filters. And maybe invite a couple of people?

The most exciting thing you’ve done all week is compiling a killer Spotify playlist of reggae.

#9 You Read Every ‘Quit Job, Travel the World‘ Article

We feel partly responsible for this. Soz.

A weekend away no longer sounds appealing, and you’ve jumped straight to the idea of backpacking across the globe for good.

#10 You’re An Official Luxe Nomad

Name that villa.

You know all our nomad picks, new villas, and last-minute deals. (Psst, it’s Alila Villas Uluwatu, but you already knew that).

If not now, when? 

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