What’s in store for you this Year of the Dragon? (As predicted by Feng Shui Master Joey Yap!)

Chinese New Year is drawing closer, Luxe Nomads! Just a few more weeks until we get to usher in the Year of the Dragon – and word on the street is that we’re in for an absolute rollercoaster of a year.

Fortune may favor the bold but only if you do it right. Find out what the Wood Dragon has planned for you and get the inside scoop from our favourite Feng Shui Master, Joey Yap. 

Broken down into four major groups, discover the paths that await – be it new horizons and career opportunities or tumultuous endeavours and fulfilled pursuits.


Tenacious Challengers (Dragon, Monkey, Rabbit):

    • Forecast: This is a year of challenges and throwing down the gauntlet.
      • Dragon: The Dragon will be in the spotlight, facing challenging decisions.
      • Monkey: With effort and planning, the Monkey can rise and advance in various aspects in life this year.
      • Rabbit: Identifying and solving problems is key to success for the Rabbit.
    • The Advice: Perseverance and resilience are crucial for overcoming difficulties.


Chance Champions (Goat, Rooster, Tiger):

    • Forecast: Abundant opportunities, meeting influential people, and possible windfalls.
      • Goat: Seek mentors to turn ideas into business opportunities.
      • Rooster: Networking, building new relationships, and providing value are crucial for you to succeed this year.
      • Tiger: Expect opportunities for travel, new ventures, and collaboration.
    • The Advice: Maximize opportunities with dedication and effort with help and inspiration from your connections.


Skillful Strivers (Horse, Rat, Dog):

    • Forecast: A year of progress and growth in personal, professional, and spiritual aspects.
      • Horse: Solve lingering problems, embrace visibility, and pursue mastery in skills.
      • Rat: Launch successful campaigns, embrace responsibilities, and study metaphysics.
      • Dog: Challenges and transformation lead to positive rewards with the willingness to embrace change.
    • The Advice: Embrace challenges with persistence and be open to opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Fortune Masters (Snake, Ox, Pig)

    • Forecast: Past efforts will pay off with new opportunities, beginnings, and connections.
      • Snake: Brighten lives, learn diverse skills, and enjoy the finer aspects of life.
      • Ox: Expect divine blessings and joyful connections.
      • Pig: You will gain access to resources, build meaningful connections, and acquire missing skill sets for personal growth.
    • The Advice: Learn to say no and evaluate opportunities wisely while maximizing opportunities to connect and grow.


Get the full rundown from Joey Yap here.

Ready to usher in the Year of the Dragon? Make sure to take note and ensure luck is on your side this year!

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