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This party dog’s expression pretty much sums up how we’re feeling this week at The Luxe Nomad office, as we’ve plenty to celebrate! The Luxe Nomad has been nominated for the Best Social Changemaker award at the Buro 24/7 Digital Awards 2018, and you can vote for us here.

The Best Social Changemaker award is given to a company or organisation that has “given back to society” and “demonstrated innovation in their field.”

The Luxe Nomad has frequently been involved with protecting the environment – one of our latest projects was installing Seabins in Hong Kong to help reduce plastic waste at sea. We also try to practice a no-plastic policy at our villas, taking away plastic straws and replacing plastic bottles with glass ones for our guests to use.

A word from Stephanie Chai, Founder and CEO of The Luxe Nomad

“We’re very excited about getting nominated for the Buro 24/7 Digital Awards. While we’re not a huge corporation, I feel we can still make a big difference without throwing millions of dollars at it. So we crowd-funded the Seabin campaign, managed to close it within five days and got overwhelming response from everyone.

“Right now we’re collecting data from the Seabin and after month one we’ll analyse that and speak to the marina that’s harbouring it,” Stephanie said. “Depending on the results, we’d love to get possibly corporate sponsorship and get more Seabins out there.”


There are four other categories in the awards: Best Fashion-Forward Feed, Most Inspiring Travel Feed, Most Creative Feed, and Best Digital Start-Up. Voting ends on 6 August 2018, and the winners will be announced on 15 August at the Buro 24/7 Digital Awards 2018.

Be a boss and vote for us here!

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Photo: Josh Rakower/Unsplash

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