Watch: Australian singer Liam Ferrari filmed his music video in Villa Vedas, Bali

In 2015, Ariana Grande shared a video of a boy named Liam Ferrari dancing to her song, Break Free. It was unbridled, kind of NSFW (because ‘break free’, etc.), and the original post on Facebook has attracted 20 million views to date. A big YouTube debut and 2.6 million Instagram followers later, Liam unveiled a new song, Hurt, with a music video shot in Villa Vedas, Bali.

Villa Vedas – it’s a huge 5-bedroom luxury beachfront villa in Tabanan with three swimming pools – stars in the breakup ballad alongside a few other Balinese locations. The 23-year-old singer and dancer from Melbourne is seen getting emotional in one of the dimly lit bedrooms before he breaks into dance at the top of Villa Vedas’ dramatic floating staircase, as any heartbroken soul would.


We’ll also have you know that Bali was hailed as one of the ‘Hamptons of Asia’ by Bloomberg; you’ll recognise Villa Vedas’ sprawling lawn at nighttime in that story. So the next time you’ve got a music video to film or a wedding to throw or a milestone to celebrate with a big group, you know where to go.

Villa Vedas Bali

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