Try this: Belly Bao baoger, Sydney

With the burger craze still going strong in Sydney, Belly Bao’s unconventional interpretation in the form of a baoger is a worthwhile contender for one of the best burgers in town.

“The baoger is the love child of my two favourite things to eat: bao and burgers,” says chef and owner Sylvia Tran.

Made with Australian wheat flour, the bao dough is proofed twice for flavour and fluffiness. Tran is intent on keeping the integrity of the bao but reinventing it into different formats, whether it’s gua bao, baogers, or even bao noodles.

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My go-to is still the original baoger, stacked with an Angus beef patty, cheese, housemade pickled radish, onions, and cos wedged between the steamed bun. I always add a hash brown to take it up a notch with crunch and potato goodness.

Since the inception of the original baoger, a few more versions have joined the party. The chopped cheese, fried chicken, and eggplant renditions are worth a gander, too.

Need your mind blown even more? Tran has taken the bao dough to the next level with bao noodles. The flat, chewy noodles are made with bao dough, rolled into thin sheets and then hand cut into noodles.

Find it here: Belly Bao, 184 King St, Newtown, Sydney, Australia.

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