This week in travel: which country are the grumpiest tourists from?

#1 The safest place in the world

Where: Singapore

What: The Gallup Global Law and Order Index released a 2018 report of the world’s safest countries, based on feedback from residents about their local law enforcement, crime statistics, and how safe they felt in their neighbourhoods at night. Singapore ranked first, followed by Norway, Iceland, and Finland. There’s potential for a country-hopping holiday in there.

Singapore is the safest place in the world
A quiet evening in Chinatown, Singapore. Photo: Lily Banse/Unsplash

#2 Pixar Pier opens this weekend

Where: Disneyland California Adventure, Anaheim

What: Our childhood dreams manifest in a boardwalk-style theme park called Pixar Pier, featuring all the movies that made you cry Disney’s Pixar movies. The park, which opens this Saturday, 23 June, offers rides, games and merchandise from Pixar favourites like The Incredibles, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc. Even the food is themed!

#3 Which country are the grumpiest travellers from?

Where: Spain

What: Before you plan your next holiday, consider whose advice you seek. Reward Expert looked at hotel and traveller reviews from 83 countries for its research and deduced that Spanish nationals who go abroad are the most likely to leave bad reviews. The grumpy tourist list shows Ireland in second place, followed by Iceland, Italy and Bulgaria. (What’s wrong, Europe?) The most content tourists are from Russia, Serbia, Lebanon, Australia and Belarus.

#4 When will people learn not to plagiarise?

Where: On Daryl Aiden Yow’s Instagram

What: Kids, eat your vegetables and do your homework, and never plagiarise someone else’s work. Singaporean travel influencer Daryl Aiden Yow is under fire for stealing photographs shot by other people for his Instagram account, claiming them as his own, and writing captions that would mislead the reader to think that he had visited certain places. Mothership published a lengthy report, comparing some of Daryl’s stolen photos with the originals and pointed out that he’s even Photoshopped himself into stock photographs. Many of these photos have since been deleted, and Daryl has released a long note of apology.

Daryl Aiden caught plagiarising
Screenshot from Instagram

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Chedi Club hot air balloon this week in travel
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