The Wolf of Travel: 5 Ways to Spend Lavishly Around the World

When money seems to flood to your account like magic, there’s only one thing to do: spend it all, and unapologetically so. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with living lavishly at your own expense. So gather your troops and call up everyone famous you know. It’s not like the world is watching!

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#1 Rent (Or buy) a Private Jet

The Emirates’ Airbus 319 Luxury Private Jet

Security lines, giant bars of Toblerone and stale sandwiches… who needs it? Prestigious villas come prepared with helipads for all their high-roller clientele. Take a long flight directly to the 19-century Château Bouffémont in France, where the living is easy and food is cooked by the château’s own Cordon Bleu chef. But if your summer plans ideally involve Balinese sunsets, direct yourself to the 6-bedroom Villa Karang Putih in Uluwatu. Make no mistake: such a grand method of transportation will ruffle a few ‘jealous’ feathers.

#2 Take a Gamble

Winner winner, chicken dinner at Las Vegas

Sin City is devilishly tempting and you never know, you could be seated next to a ‘Hollywood actor’. It’s not all money-throwing in Vegas though, you’ll really enjoy nights driving past neon-lit casinos and famous international-inspired landmarks. If it calls to you, Jennifer Lopez holds her nightly “All I Have” show at Planet Hollywood that’s gotten raging reviews, as does the long-running Cirque du Soleil. But if you don’t feel like taking your private jet all the way over the other side, who’s to say no to Asia’s own make-do Macau, or even Singapore‘s Marina Bay Sands?

#3 Have a One-of-a-Kind Movie Night

Combining theatre and theatrics are a natural fit

We love a bit of drama, don’t we? But even the Gold Class cinema seats won’t do. Fortunately, the Maldives is known for beach-cinema set-ups. The Six Senses brand offers outdoor cinemas under the stars in other resorts in their collection, such as in Koh Yao Noi and Ninh Van Bay . The only thing better than that, we would think, is making your own movie. Uhm, not literally funding your own movie, of course. We’re talking about movies behind doors that won’t have you chased down by the Department of Justice.

#4 Treat Yourself to a Handbag or Two

It’s important to remember to spend less than your anual income

Women like handbags. In fact, we once heard someone say that “one of the ways to tackle a girl is by buying her a handbag.” This fashionable quest should bring you to the shopping capitals of the world. Brave the crowds of China mainland tourists if you can handle it at the designer hub in Florence, Italy, known as The Mall Outlet Centre, or enjoy the breathing room in Paris, where you can also hunt down some Monet and Van Gogh works. They won’t come cheap, but you’ll manage somehow!

#5 Throw The Grand Daddy of Gestures

One-up destination date nights

There’s no bigger or more grandeur act of affection than putting your money where your mouth is for the world (or Vimeo) to see.  For all intents and purposes, Dubai serves as the perfect setting for an incomparable date night. The enthralling night sky and ambient waves at Palm Jumeirah spell out romance, but anyone with a hint of impishness knows how to pull out all the stops. If you were thinking ‘parachuters flying in bearing jewellery, we were thinking the exact same thing. But if your intended-betrothed isn’t as taken with you, there’s the million-dollar firework show to diffuse the awkwardness. We estimate this shindig to cost around MYR 5.5 million (which is just spare change, right?).


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