The Luxe Nomads: Travel lessons we’ve learnt from our mums

As we celebrate Mother’s Day on 13 May, The Luxe Nomad girls take a look at some of the best travel lessons learnt from the OG Luxe Nomads; our mums!

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  • "I'm a bit of a box-ticker when it comes to travelling but in recent years, I'm appreciating my mum's advice. 'Don’t try to do too much, instead choose to do what you really like.' I also learnt that it's perfectly fine to do nothing whilst on holiday and just enjoy spending time together." - Felicity Nayong
  • "Never ever lose your passport, which she told me right before I did lose my passport in the UK!" - Janelle Lee
  • "Remember to always pack your sunscreen (and wear it!). She also thought me to live in the moment when you travel because the moment passes before you know it." - Aidee Tan
  • "Always be prepared. You won't know when it's going to rain, so bring an umbrella from the hotel when you head out. You won't know when you're going to get sick, bring some flu medications. Keep emergency cash somewhere where it's not your wallet because you might never know when an ATM doesn't work!" - Niro De Silva
  • "Take ALL the photos. My mum is mad for a good travel photo opp. Random elephant statue in the street? Cameras out! Pumpkin on the doorstep? Please pose. Throughout the years I've submitted to this with a lot of grumbling, shuffling and low-level whinging, but now I can appreciate that I have photos like this, to remember a time in my life when half my face was covered in hair and my mum's knitwear game was strong." - Emma Chong
  • "Holidays don't come often, so it's okay to spend...But not too much!" - Shar Aguilar
  • "My mum takes a solo trip every year for her birthday (even though the rest of the family would love to come along!). She's taught me to take the leap and travel solo, and that's how I'll be ringing in my 28th birthday this year." - Diandra Soliano

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