The first super blue blood-moon eclipse in 150 years happens this month

There’s a super blue blood-moon eclipse (try saying that more than two times in a row) coming our way on January 31, the first one since 1866. It’s a triple coincidence: the combination of a super moon (when the moon orbits closest to the Earth), a blue moon (when there are two full moons in one month) and a lunar eclipse (when the moon passes into the Earth’s shadow).

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Set up camp on your balcony after sunset on January 31 to catch a glimpse of it. The luckiest viewers will be those in Hawaii, who’ll be able to watch the eclipse from start to finish. But Australia, western North America, Asia and the  Middle East will also catch the phenomenon in their night sky. Check your city here for the best time to catch the eclipse – because if you miss this one, you’ll have to wait ’til December 2028 for the next.

Watch the eclipse in style from Como Uma Ubud, Bali, 137 Pillars, Bangkok or Spicers Balfour, Brisbane.

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