Starsign Sidekick: 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel with a Virgo

Hey Virgos! Look at how the stars are shining for you this month. This very accurate reading names Seminyak in Bali as the perfect destination for you — but we both know that’s just the start of an adventure you have planned out. Virgos are especially fond of travelling the world. The more they get to see of it, the better. Here are five good reasons you make an excellent travel buddy — Geminis and Cancers in particular can never resist your charm (but you already knew that).

#1 What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

On the outside they seem sweet and innocent (hello, baby face), so no one would figure that their brain is working at a higher wavelength. Nothing gets past an analysing Virgo. Their detail-oriented nature is just what makes them great at their jobs, and even better at working out the tiniest details that goes into planning a long getaway. Their days are ruled by long to-do lists (make lists much?) like the best places to eat and top sights not to be missed.

#2 They’ve Got Your Back

They’re always eager to help you out. Afraid of flying, or maybe a little worried about stepping outside your comfort zone? A Virgo will make it their sole duty to ensure you never feel unsafe. Vulgarity is a huge turn-off for them, so ask for help nicely, and you’ll see all the best Virgo traits.

#3 They’re Always Dreaming Up a Master Plan

Now what’s going to make this trip unforgettable? Ask the Virgo. They can get a little critical, especially if things aren’t exactly meeting their wild expectations. But once they let go, they’ll embrace the unknown and find new ways to channel their energy — reading up on super secret spots only the locals know about, finding some crazy bungee jump, or organising an intimate in-villa dinner.

#4 Did Someone Say “Outdoors”?

As an earth sign, the Virgo loves the outdoors, but only when they’re motivated enough to get outside. There’s no regretting it once they do, they simply thrive in outdoor activities like football on the beach, mountain hikes or muay thai. After all, the abdominal area is known to be the Virgo’s best physical asset, and they love to show it off as much as they love working hard for it.

#5 They Know How to Kick it and Relax

They might not always show it (classic Virgo, always with their walls up!) but deep down they’re huge softies. Nothing a beautiful sunset, some wine can’t fix and honest conversation can’t handle — once a Virgo feels like they really connect with you, they’ll be all for letting loose and living in the moment. If the Virgo is your romantic partner, you might never even leave your villa after that!

Here’s a birthday treat for you. 

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