The First Starbucks for Hearing-Impaired Baristas Has Opened in Kuala Lumpur!

Malaysia has two big headlines this week. One we don’t think we can really talk about, and the other;  the first ever Starbucks staffed by hearing-impaired baristas. The Starbucks retains its location at Bangsar Village II with a few tweaks in its decor, like a new signboard that includes Starbucks spelled out in sign language.

Non-signing customers can make their orders on an order ticket and present it to the baristas. Instead of calling out your name (or in the case of Starbucks, your given name that they’ve butchered), your order number will be displayed on a screen.

The branch works with The Society of Interpreters for the Deaf to create more job opportunities for those with hearing impairments. Get acquainted with the staff in the video below!

Hope they get our names right, though. Sincerely, Dander.

Good vibes ahead

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