Slope Sweetie: 5 Niseko Chalets You Can’t Help but Fall in Love With

Choosing a Niseko chalet for your year-end Japanese slope treat is like choosing the perfect diamond; they are a dime a dozen, and the one you eventually pick will determine the rest of your trip (or life, if you’re talking engagement rings). So how do you choose? Here are 5 Niseko chalets that will help you get started on choosing your dream.

#1 Zekkei 

Live the powder life. It's the only way to go.
Live the powder life. It’s the only way to go.

Personality type: The quiet tree-hugger who likes the the luxe finishings nonetheless.

No. of rooms: 5 bedrooms

What: Zekkei is without a doubt the most impressive chalet in the main village, yet it appeals to the environmentally conscious; it’s fully heated by geothermal heating, surrounded by nature and gives you the unobstructed vision of the mountains beyond in every room. Designed to be traditional, Zekkei has 3 Hinoki bathtubs for you to soak in after a long day at the slopes.

#2 The Vale Niseko

Onsen too small? Try this.
Onsen too small? Try this.

Personality type: The decadent group of plush ski bunnies who won’t settle for less.

No. of rooms: 1 – 3 bedrooms

What: Carrying the title of the Best Ski Chalet at the 2013 World Ski Awards, The Vale is super luxe right down to the details. The most stunning feature of the chalet has to be in the open-plan bathroom with a tub that overlooks the beautiful snowy landscapes outside and your own personal onsen. Perched on the Upper Village of Hirafu, it’s a short stroll from the Family Ace Chair Lift so you can hit the slopes right out of bed.

#3 Miyabi 

Everyone should have one of these.
Everyone should have one of these.

Personality type: The traditional episode of Family Guy without the drama.

No. of rooms: 4 bedrooms

What: It’s a cultural immersion of the architectural kind; from the decorative Japanese garden to the Hinoki bathtubs and mini zen water features. Floor to ceiling timber, Miyabi is as Japanese as Japan gets complete with an awesome view of the Mount Yotei and minutes away from the white powdery slopes. What stands out though, is the warm interiors that are perfect for families; fully equipped with baby cots, safety gates, high chairs and even a PS3, Miyabi ensures that every member of your family is well provided for.

#4 Enju 

Niseko gets about 12 meters of pure powder per season, so landing will be as soft as a pillow.
Niseko gets about 12 meters of pure powder per season, so landing will be as soft as a pillow.

Personality type: No-nonsense ski enthusiasts

No. of rooms: 5 bedrooms

What: So you’re probably aiming for 2018 Winter Olympics and want to get a head-start. In which case, Enju is a great place for training, being a short stop away from the Ace Family Chair, with all the amenities of a modern chalet. Culturally speaking, there are two options: the western-style rooms or the tatami-style rooms, so you can decide if you want to train ninja style or save the hassle of adapting to a foreign sleeping environment.

#5 Akazora Apartments 

Practicality never looked this good.
Practicality never looked this good.

Personality type: The modern couple who put convenience and modernity first.

No. of rooms: 1 – 2 bedrooms

What: We get it if you don’t need a full, blown-out winter chalet, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on the views! Practical yet stylish, the Akazora Apartments are fitted with Japanese inspired designs fitted with the amenities of Western convenience. Wonderful for couples who don’t quite care for roughing it out on a tatami mat, but are up to the challenge of the Japanese slopes nonetheless.

What type of chalet fits you the best, nomads? 

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