9 Signs You’ve ONLY Been Travelling in Southeast Asia

Don’t get us wrong, Southeast Asia is brilliant but are you stuck in your ‘travel’ comfort zone by hanging around in this region alone? If your travel style resonates to these below, it is about time to venture ‘out’ of Southeast Asia and explore the world far and beyond!

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#1 Those ‘Hippy’ Trousers are Your Basic Travel-Wear

They’re just too comfortable! From bed to brunch, to odd stares at restaurants, there’s absolutely no need for jeans, let alone anything else, ever again.

#2 You Have Five ‘Fake’ Ray Bans

They were a bargain to begin with, but you had to bargain even more when you bought them.

#3 You Need Rice Every Meal 

Forget potatoes or pasta, your go-to meal at any time of the day: nasi.

#4 Your Bracelets Have Become You

They don’t exactly scream ‘office attire’, but you’re not quite ready to cut the last one out (it may be useful for the next similar trip to Bali). Let the beads fall where they may!

#5 You Know This Place By Heart: 

Your mandatory Instagram at the famous swing in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia – and this has been taken five times!!

#6 You Price-Check Everything: 

Compare, compare, compare – the price of a bagel in the city could get you at least a couple of beers in VietnamYou can’t wait to get back to those Vietnamese pubs!

#7 You Can Drive Like A Maniac: 

You laugh in the face of Bangkok traffic and you know how to beat the local taxis in Manila to get to the airport on time. Southeast Asian driving keeps you entertained!

#8 You Are Still Reeling From the Bucket Hangover

Three times in Koh Phangan and you still saw unspeakable things! Your third Full Moon Party and the hangover never changes. Yes, you can still taste the cheap rum at the back of your throat, enough said!

#9 You’re Already Planning Your Next Trip Back. 

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