Prince Harry Takes On Sustainable Tourism

Our generation is a lucky one isn’t it? We’re travelling more, exploring further, living our best lives, and proving it all on social media.

The world isn’t just at our doorstep any longer, it’s right on our finger tips. Flights, accommodation, activities, and more is as simple as a swipe on a screen and some taps on a keyboard. And the more we travel, the more aware we become. The more aware we become, well, as our CEO, Steph Chai, said, “Travel isn’t just an escape, it’s a learning curve in life itself.”

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But the Amazon is burning and the ice caps are melting. The world is heating up, literally and figuratively. Will our children, and their children, be as fortunate as us? Will they be able to go where we have gone, see what we have seen, and experience more of what this wonderful planet has to offer?

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More and more of us are thinking about our impact on local communities and the environment, but we’re not sure how to go about making more sustainable travel choices. We’re stumped by our lack of knowledge, the doubt that our small efforts actually make a difference in the grand scale of things, possible extra costs, and how complicated it can be when trying to put this into practice.

Well our luck hasn’t run out yet – we are not alone in this!

Photo by Claude Piché on Unsplash

Prince Harry just announced a new global partnership, ‘Travelyst‘, to mobilise the travel industry as a catalyst for good. This first-of-its-kind initiative is connecting big-players like, Ctrip, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, and Visa to explore new ways of travel and promote practices and choices that support local people, protect wildlife, tackle climate change and environmental damage, and alleviate over-tourism.

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The potential of this partnership in sparking a bona fide movement of like-minded businesses is astounding. As more and more people engage and come together, transforming the future of travel into a more sustainable one for our children becomes more possible. After all, more can be done together than by ourselves.

For the month of September, The Luxe Nomad will donate US$10 for every booking received to Rainforest Alliance.

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