Nine cocktails and what they say about where you should travel this summer

Summer is well and truly here. And you know what that means – time for a holiday with more cocktails than you can count while lazing under the hot midday sun. The only question is, where are you going? Well, bartenders say they can tell what kind of person you are from your order. So, we decided to take it one step further, analyse your summer cocktail choice to death and find your summer destination.

#1 Grapefruit Mint Margarita

Image from The Chalkboard

What it is: A true “skinny girl” cocktail, this margarita is pure goodness with grapefruit juice, lime juice, tequila, triple sec, mint, and salt around the rim of the glass.

What it says: You’re here, you’re proud, you’re bold and you’re going to be seen. The lover of the Grapefruit Mint Margarita is all about keeping it tight and Insta-worthy, but still fresh, fruity and totally classy (when you’re not feeling a bit hedonistic, of course). For your holidays, it’s all about the beach, sun, and Bali.

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#2 Grape Kombucha Cocktail

Image from The Chalkboard

What it is: Grape kombucha, a dash of ginger liqueur and vodka.

What it says: To love this cocktail, you’re bound to be all about wellness, and staying healthy mentally and psychically. However, when you’re not meditating or doing yoga on the beaches or hills of Koh Samui, you don’t mind a bit of indulgence – it’s all about balance, after all! And between the health benefits of kombucha, the digestive power of ginger, and the low calorie/no sugar qualities of vodka this cocktail is as wellness-friendly as you’re going to get.

#3 Elderflower Gin & Tonic

Photo by Jose Soriano on Unsplash

What it is: Gin infused with elderflower mixed with tonic. Add sugar and lemon for serious summer vibes.

What it says: Studies say that G&T drinkers are more likely to be psychopaths. Well, we don’t like to think of these individuals as psychopaths, but rather as sophisticated adventurers who skydive by day and chill in luxury by night (a psychopath with a twist?). So, is there anywhere more perfect than New Zealand for the elderflower G&T connoisseur?

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#4 Vodka Cranberry

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

What it is: Also known as a Cape Codder, this is exactly what it sounds like – vodka and cranberry.

What it says: If this is what you’re drinking, you probably don’t own anything other than polos with the collars always popped, and very bright or checkered shorts. You also have a collection of bowties that fill up an entire drawer in your wardrobe. To add the cranberry to this cocktail, you may even use “summer” as a verb instead of a season, e.g. “I’ll be summering in Cape Cod with my American prep school friends this year.”

#5 Whiskey Smash

Image from VinePair

What it is: The love child of a Mint Julep and a Whiskey Sour, the Whiskey Smash combines rye whiskey, lemon, mint and plenty of ice.

What it says: Whiskey does the wise soul good. If you want a good whiskey cocktail for the summer, you might just be a bit more sophisticated, rugged and down-to-earth – the type of person who’d like nothing more than to go out into the hills with an axe and fall a tree or two, before coming back home to a roaring fire and someone to rub your feet. Yes, you’re all about the mountain life, and where better than Niseko to go out for some long hikes in nature while completely decked out in plaid?

Enjoy the Hibiki.

#6 Frosé

Image from Wine and Glue

What it is: A bottle of frozen dry rosé, plus strawberries, caster sugar and lemon.

What it says: Frosé lovers don’t take themselves too seriously, know how to have a good time and think that 22°C is the ultimate in beach weather. So, you’re going to Scandinavia! Similar to the unofficial cocktail of Swedish midsummer (rosé and orange soda, if you’re wondering), this frozen delight is perfect for those who don’t like the taste of alcohol but probably drink too much anyway.

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#7 Bellini

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

What it is: Prosecco (it works way better than champagne) and peach juice

What it says: You’re light and bubbly, have an unhealthy obsession with maxi dresses, are the life of the party, and you want a cocktail to match. Bellinis are perfect for you and made for Italy. The bubbles most definitely help to balance out all the pasta you ate throughout the day. And, early bird as you are, what is a better way to start the day with sunrises over rolling Tuscan hills as you hair of the dog it?

#8 Caipirinha

Image from The Wanderlust Kitchen

What it is: You put the lime in the sugar, you froze ’em bot’ up. Then you added some cachaça, and you drank it all up.

What it says: Classic Brasilian style we can appreciate. And by classic, we mean outlandish, outdoorsy, and totally out of control. You’re in your element when you’re out on the town, loving all things fresh and sometimes, don’t mind having bartenders lighting your drink on fire.

#9 Earl Grey Martini

Image from the Craft Gin Club

What it is: Earl Grey tea leaves drowned in gin, plus ice.

What it says: If this is your summer cocktail of choice, you’re probably quiet but trying to be mysterious, and confused as to whether or not you want to be awake or asleep. So, of course, you belong in London where you can enjoy your tea and get intoxicated on it too. Plus, if you sip this martini out of a teacup, you’re more likely to look devilishly unattainable.

What does your drink say about you?

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