Luxe stay: Plataran Canggu Resort in Bali

Bali is one of those islands that is so distinct in its personality yet feels different every time you pop in for a visit. You could make a trip every time you get a long weekend and still find something new.

Plataran Canggu Resort literally translates into ‘God’s most favourite courtyard’ and the moment you step out of your private car and into the unassuming reception, you are enveloped into a picture perfect labyrinth of leafy arms and twisting pathways. From the swaying suspension bridge to the rickety bamboo catwalk over the river, this tropical paradise heaves like a secret garden, for your eyes only.

You won’t even have to leave this tropical hideaway to truly experience Bali in all its splendour — unless you really want to.

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Hidden in a corner of Canggu that’s only a short 10-minute drive to the beach, you’ll find the perfect spot for a weekend escape for a bite-sized taste of Bali. You can dress up like a Balinese King or Queen, learn to perform the stories behind different types of traditional dance, weave the diamond-shaped offering baskets you see everywhere, as well as partake in a daily Balinese ritual.

Even if you’re travelling with your tricky parents or antsy-pantsy friends, all you have to do is flip through the Encounter Menu of activities to find something for everyone. The resort will prepare tailored excursions for early risers, cocktail drinkers, adrenaline chasers, curious foodies and the conscious collective. All you have to do is ask.

And when you’re done with that 3am Kintamani hike, sunset Tanah Lot tour, or an adrenaline-filled trip down the Ayung River, your villa is the respite you need. The early morning mists around the Aurora Deck, and the sloping roof of the intricately carved Javanese Joglo has shaded its fair share of weddings and asana bunnies from the sweltering sunshine. The deck and joglo also make for stunning backdrops for your Instagram snaps.

So go ahead, have the chef cook at the Paon Bali and eat it by the pool. Escape into this tropical paradise for that long-weekend. There’s even a spa…

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