How to Up Your Insta Game | Tips from a Content Creator

Looking for Insta tips to elevate your feed? Content creator Christmas Kongmak shares some tips!

Earlier this year, our favorite Nomads snapped stunning photos on a getaway to Samui. Sure, the villas and the islands were impressive all on their own, but our #NomadsOnTheGo also showed off the best techniques and found the right angles to capture it all (talk about #feedgoals!). So what better group of people to ask for Insta tips when it comes to shooting vacay content?

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We sat down with Christmas Kongmak, the Nomad behind @thailand, and fished for Insta tips that anyone can bring along to their next holiday. What’s the best way to remember your priceless travels? Keep scrolling to find out!


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First thing’s first: we love your content! Where do you get your inspiration from?

Mainly Instagram—from other content creators I follow, and other posts I see on my feed. I also get inspired by books and other online media.

Your getaway in Samui looked amazing! What was your favorite photo from the trip?


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This sunset at Akatsuki. I love it because “it’s everything that your soul desires and deserves.” Everything is in place in this photo. Not just the beauty of it, but everything else adds up together—even the location, service, everything.

Aside from stills, how else do you like to document your holidays?

There are different ways to document memories. Aside from photos (which do a good job already), you can also take advantage of short videos to capture various experiences. So when you look back years from now, you’ll still remember what happened, down to the last detail.


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When shooting content, do you plan photos ahead or shoot as you go?

Planning is always a good foundation, so I always do that for myself and my shoots. A good plan is the key. Good planning will give me comfort and confidence. And [when you’re comfortable and confident] in the moment, that’s how you’ll be able to take good and distinct photos.

If you just enjoy the moment,
you might end up with even better content than you expected!

So, what should our Nomads keep in mind when documenting their vacay? Where do you start?

[Before the trip], you should know what kind of content you want: whether that’s photo or video, and even down to the mood or tone. At the same time, you should also be open to other possibilities while documenting what you want. At the end of the day, it’s better to just enjoy the moment and not to pressure yourself—if you do this, you might end up with even better content than you expected!


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How about premium editing apps? Are these worth the splurge?

Personally, I think there’s no need to buy apps. Having an extra tool is always good, but nowadays, the edit function on your phone and on Instagram is already quite adequate. What’s really important is capturing high quality photos (e.g. well-lit, clear focus, good composition), so you don’t need to edit it too much. If you want to try apps, I recommend starting with free apps and free trials first.


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It’s true that your average smartphone can already do a ton. Do you have any favorite phone cam features/tricks you can share with us?

I like using the Live Photo Mode—you get to capture that particular moment and select a specific frame from live. Another mode I like is Wide Angle, with the 0.5 lens, so you can capture a bigger angle and it looks different from your usual photo. For a different mood, try Portrait Mode; it tells more of a story, especially since the image is much clearer. And if you stick with Regular Mode, try using a different angle (flip your phone, maybe?) until you find the right spot. Last, there’s Timelapse, and here the tip is just to keep recording—you can reuse your footage for lots of purposes!


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What’s the secret to vacay pics that stand out?

New angles that are different from what everyone else is taking. It also helps to find image references [beforehand], and look for a new viewpoint when you’re in the location. There’s always a way to make it different. Whatever kind of content you’re taking, try your best to make it beautiful.

Don’t break the rules and respect other people’s privacy.

Last one: how about any photo DON’Ts? What should Nomads watch out for before snapping away?

Don’t break the rules (especially when you’re experiencing a different culture!) and always respect other people’s privacy.

Got your cam ready? Let’s go!


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