Celeb Nomad: Pia Muehlenbeck in Maldives

Pia Muehlenbeck is a Nomad we love. A qualified lawyer, model and blogger (did we mention she’s only 26?), Pia decided to take the plunge in 2014 and dove head first into her own personal ventures, including building her own luxe sportswear line, SLINKII Athletic. These days, you’ll find her travelling the world with her boyfriend Kane Vato, one island at a time. The unstoppable duo share their travels and everything in between on their blog Finding The Finer. Get to know her a little better in our exclusive interview:

On my bucket list: Definitely Monaco and Italy, I’ve always thought both destinations look so idyllic. They’re hopefully on my list of travels this year. One thing I always look for when I make plans is nature, because spending too much time in the city drives me crazy. And I love music festivals, we actually just came back from one on a remote island in Fiji.

When it comes to travelling, you have to just go for it. My outlook on life evolves with each trip I take it. Travel is a great way to grow as a person, learn about cultures and meet new people. I can’t think of anything better to do, honestly.

My vacation wardrobe: Where do I start? I have a ton of bikinis. I’ve been a long time fan of Seafolly, and recently I discovered the new range of swimwear from Shona Joy and they’re also amazing. But when I’m not in a bikini, I love Alice McCall playsuits.

Bikini body how-to: One time I went to a seriously intense fitness retreat in Bali. I had workouts under the scorching sun for three to four hours every day. That was the hardest I have ever pushed myself, but so worth it. In general, I pack a skipping rope SLINKII resistance band so I can train my booty anywhere (hah!), and I also try to run every morning.

On travelling with my boyfriend: Kane is from the UK, so the first vacation we took as a couple was a road trip along the East Coast of Australia. Basically, I was his tour guide. We took a Greyhound bus — it was definitely a backpacking adventure.

I think our favourite trip so far has been the Maldives. It’s been a destination I had aspired to explore for years, so to finally make the trip was just incredible. I can’t imagine a more romantic place, it was magical.

My biggest tip for couples travelling together is to get proper sleep. We’ve been travelling almost non-stop now for 18 months and quickly discovered that travel really wears you out, and when you’re tired, you’re easily irritated. So sleep, and also drink lots of Mojitos.

The Maldives: We stayed at COMO Maalifushi first and I definitely felt right at home instantly, although it’s not often that you get a suite with a bathroom that big, with a sunken bath as well (I spent way too many hours in that bath). And I’ve never seen a more pristine beach in my life. It was mind-blowing to get out of bed and walk straight into the ocean.

But still, nothing could have prepared me for our stay at Six Senses Laamu. I knew the villas were ‘over water’, but I had no idea that almost the entire resort was over or in the ocean too! The most incredible thing was the glass-bottom bath over the water — yes, it would seem I have a thing for baths.

Three things you have to do in the Maldives:

  1. Snorkel. The water is so clear, I recommend getting into the ocean as soon as you can. The marine life was just incredible and you may be lucky enough to have some manta rays come by and say hello too.
  2. Try the local cuisine, which was very similar to Sri Lankan food so expect spicy curries and lots of flavours.
  3. Go barefoot! Six Senses Laamu is a 100% barefoot resort, even the staff are all barefoot. It was a new experience but once I got into it, I loved it.

My Instagram tips: Find your light and face the sun to avoid shadows — they’re unflattering for everyone. And take fewer selfies (I can’t believe I’m saying this!). But seriously, if the location is wonderful, show that off. But if photos don’t do a place justice, shoot a video instead.

Where would YOU like to go next?

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