Family caught red-handed stealing from Bali hotel: Hotel heist or just a few souvenirs?

Over the weekend, an Indian family was caught red-handed stealing everything they could fit into their suitcases from their Bali hotel. Their would-be haul included a hairdryer, various artifacts, a soap dispenser, hangers, towels and various electronics.

The video of the family as they were found out by hotel employees is super cringe-worthy – especially the part where one family member tries to wrap his arm around a hotel employee as a way to “calm down” the situation.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a vast collection of hotel pens, but that’s it. This video has us wondering, though, at what point do our hotel pickings go from innocent souvenir to theft.

What’s the worst you’ve taken from a hotel?

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Elisabeth Forsman

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