Career Goals: Sleep Ambassadors at Six Senses Laamu

Been having trouble falling asleep? Book a trip, obviously.We’re not even kidding. At Six Senses Laamu in Maldives you can swim with dolphins (win) and request for the Spas Yogic Sleep Program (so much win!).

Six Senses Laamu Lagoon Beach Villa with Pool
No, you’re not dreaming. At least not yet.

The lucky duo: Piyada Phongphaet and Vinod Narayanan have made sleep their business. Vinod comes from Kerela, India. He’s got a diploma in Ayurvedic Healthcare Practice and Pachakarma, and could teach you a thing or two about natural healing and nutrition — his two areas of specialty. He also conducts Laughter Yoga, Ariel Yoga and Pranayama classes at the resort.

Piyada brings from Thailand extensive experience in energy and sound healing. She’s got a number of certificates in Thai, Aromatherapy and Swedish massage, a diploma in Physiology and knows all there is to know about the well-being. Piyada also offers Reiki and Six Senses Singing Bowl Sound Healing sessions.

We’ve come up a name for them — the ‘dream team’. Ba dum tss! Because literally that’s what they do, by coordinating class and treatments, sharing advice and ensuring villa accommodations are optimised for sleep conditions.

Can we be Yogic Sleep Ambassadors in paradise too?

What’s the program like? Various techniques are used to help you de-stress, dream a little and travel a lot (sorry, couldn’t resist adding in our tagline). Among them; yogi sleep, breathing exercises, guided meditation, ayurvedic and holistic treatments.

First, guests sit through a consultation to establish the areas that need attention. The ‘dream team’ pick out things you might have overlooked in your daily habits, like in fitness, nutrition or underlying anxiety stressors. From there they tweak and customise your stay, which includes setting the ideal room temperature for sleep (which is between 68 to 72ºC), controlled lighting, essential oil burners and herbal tea. And of course, high quality sheets and bedding are key.

Six Senses Laamu Beach Villa Interior
No bed bugs. None. 

Extra stuff:  Additionally, the program helps enhance attention span and improve creativity and overall mood. So in other words, life is about to get much sweeter.

Book now: A night at Six Senses Laamu starts from USD1,000++ and comes with special benefits for The Luxe Nomad VIP members.

Dream a little dream of us


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