Canada’s Whistler Mountain has a new terrifying suspension bridge

Life isn’t scary enough, clearly. Now, a new suspension bridge opened early July on Canada’s Whistler Mountain, and it will leave you a little jelly-legged. The Cloudraker Skybridge is a 130m walk connecting Whistler Peak to the West Ridge lookout.

Cloudraker Skybridge, Whistler Mountain, Canada
Just think of the kind of views you’ll get, provided you can stomach the height! Photo: Mitch Winton/

Then, in August, the Raven’s Eye Cliff Walk, located on the West Ridge end of the bridge, will open to the public and provide 360-degree views of the Coast Mountains. From the lowest point of the Whistler Bowl, the bridge is 2000m high. Nope, not even kidding. We’ll excuse you if you need to sit down.

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Cloudraker Skybridge on Whistler Mountain, Canada
You can see through the bridge to the snow below. Photo: Mitch Winton/

Once you compose yourself, look up and you’ll see some pretty amazing views of the Bowl, the Roundhouse Lodge, and the Guiness World Record-breaking Peak 2 Peak Gondola.

To walk the bridge, you need to have a Peak2Peak 360 ticket or a season pass. You think walking it is a challenge already? Just imagine what it was like to build it!

Cloudraker Skybridge, Whistler Mountain, Canada
We need to sit down (not on the bridge, no!). Photo: Mitch Winton/

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