The Best Travel Apps in 2016

Some travel apps are great, some are so-so, and some are a complete waste of time (or space). But because it takes a lot of time, we’ve done the work and downloaded them ourselves to give you advice on the best ones, and what they can do to make your travels even more exciting. Just reading about these travel apps might spark your wanderlust too.

#1 TripCase

Plus: Notifies your “followers” of flight delays and arrival time

Even the most organised travellers couldn’t do what this TripCase does; organising multiple flights, hotel (or villa) reservations and your itinerary, all in your phone. Think of all the paper you could save when you’re not printing out itemised schedules for everyone. Adding a social media flair to it is the app’s ability to let your family and friends keep up with your travels — even if they’re already following you on Snapchat.

#2 Duolingo


A contender to Google Translate, we picked Duolingo for this list purely because of its aesthetics — sure it looks simple, but its a good way to encourage the kids to pick up language skills too. The app has levels of learning and you gain points along the way. It won’t help you become fluent in a foreign language (these tips can), but it gives you something worthwhile to do while waiting for your flight. The best part is that it’s free!

#3 Snapchat

There’s always something new on the app with its daily filters

As recent Snapchatters, we can’t get enough of this app! You can follow your favourite travel bloggers or specific travel accounts recommended to you, and feel as though you’re right there with them. Because you can’t edit pictures, stage them completely or jazz up your 10-second videos, the updates are authentic and real. If you can’t be bothered to spend a lot of time on vacation editing pictures of Instagram, Snapchat lets you save your media and upload them when you’re in a WiFi zone.

#4 Splittr

Forget about your excel sheet

Here’s a problem that’s too familiar with group travel — “how do we split the bill”? Argue no more. With Splittr you can key in expenses, who paid for what (and who didn’t) and the app calculates everything for you without the headache. The travel sense here comes in with the app’s ability to support various currencies, without the user needing to convert rates themselves.

#5 Uber

Tap and get a ride in minutes

You better believe it — Uber rides abroad save you a ton of money. Transfers between hotels and villas can come up to a huge expenditure, but not when there’s an Uber driver around. It can also take the place of a rental car, especially if you don’t really know where to go or what to see. To allow the app to work in different countries, enable conversion for your credit card and you’re good to go. Plus point: there’s no need to carry around cash for transportation.

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