Get your passport ready for these 5 trips best taken in April

Ready, jetset, go! Take a breather and recharge your batteries at any of these destinations in April, where and when they’re as inviting as ever with the best weather, festivals, and views. Are you ready for it?

Kyoto, Japan

Cherry blossoms at Hirano shrine

Experience the hanami lifestyle first hand when the sakura trees are in full bloom. It’s not every day that you get to picnic under cherry blossom trees so if not now, when? And don’t say next year! One of the team took a trip to Japan last year and the rest of us (ahem) have been envious (or inspired) since. See all her tips and snaps here. Plus, have you seen how cosy and quintessentially Japanese these Kyoto stays are?

Koh Samui, Thailand

Skip the white clothes and pack something you don’t mind getting ruined or drenched in. Perhaps that makes a trip to Samui sound less than appealing, but it isn’t! Thailand celebrates the annual Songkran water festival from the 12th to 17th. Expect a ton of fun from joining in the water fights on the street, and soak in the Samui vibes where Thailand’s most posh villas reside.


YuYuPas Tsou Cultural Tribe Park

Spring kicks into full gear come April, making it the perfect month for a visit. Wait any longer and you might be basking in too much summer sun! All this breeze calls for coastal exploration and water activities along Keelung and the northeast coast. Not to mention, Taiwan sees its fair share of cherry blossom too! We could say more… and we already have right here where we give you six reasons to fall in love with Taiwan.

Palawan, Philippines 

There isn’t a bad time to visit a paradise like Palawan, but there is the best time and you guessed it — it’s right now! But for argument’s sake, it could be “bad” when it rains from June to October. April however, is ideally sunny for heading to Puerto’s Princesa’s Underground River; one of the seven wonders of the natural world! While you’re at it, treat yourself to a few fancy nights at Palawan’s most popular stays.

South & west Sri Lanka

Tangalle Beach

The gorgeous Sri Lanka is a mirror when it comes to weather: when it’s nice and warm out in the south and west, it’s raining in the north and east. At this time of year, areas like Galle, Colombo and Weligama welcome modest crowds of tourist. We bet you’ll love Galle especially, with a town dating back to 1588 that’s rich in history, sights and old-world charm.

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