7 Hotel Freebies You Never Knew Existed

Here’s one for the closet klepto in all of us; what do you do when nicking mini shower gels and soaps no longer do it for you? You gun after the bigger fish, that’s what.

#1 Pet Goldfish at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, New York

"Hullo. I'll be your companion for the night."
“Hullo. I’ll be your companion for the night.”

Not only do they welcome your furry friends with open arms, the Tribeca Grand will also provide you with a pet goldfish to accompany you through those lonely nights.

#2 Evian Spritzes and Sunglass cleaning at the Four Seasons Resorts Lanai, Hawaii

Don't mind if we do.
Don’t mind if we do.

We -could- do it ourselves, but nothing quite says luxury than to have someone else do it for you. Attendants roam around proffering fruit skewers, chilled towels, sunscreen (you might have to pay extra to have them put it on you) and spritzes of Evian water to cool down.

#3 Painting / sculpture at the Esperanza Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Although it's already an art piece on it's own, we don't mind having another.
Although it’s already an art piece on it’s own, we don’t mind having another.

You don’t get it bring it home, but it’s yours for your stay! True patrons of the art, the good folk at the Esperanza believe that everyone should be treated to their favourite art piece from their collection, even if it’s just for the day.

#4 Art supplies at Hotel Monaco, Portland, US

Wonder if they'd mind if we expressed ourselves on the wallpaper...
Wonder if they’d mind if we expressed ourselves on the wallpaper…

During happy hour, Hotel Monaco provides the guests with free rein with art supplies and easels to allow them to express themselves… while drunk. Is this for our entertainment or yours, Hotel Monaco?

#5 Star gazing at the Explora Atacama Hotel de Larache, Chile

Star light, star bright, where do we find good beer tonight?
Star light, star bright, where do we find good beer tonight?

Okay, it’s not a space hubble in your room, but you do get free guided visits to its observatory, which has the biggest amateur telescope in the desert.

#6 Kindle at the Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC

Because we're all important and need something to read at brekkie, ahem.
Because we’re all important and need something to read at brekkie, ahem.

Why settle for a daily newspaper from one country when you can have 800 newspapers from the country of your choice downloaded into the Kindle provided for you? It’s a new age, baby.

#7 Whatever/Whenever service at W hotels, Worldwide

"You want... what?"
“You want… what?”

This is one of the more ambiguous freebies on the list; their Whatever/Whenever service leaves plenty of room for imagination. The service may be free, but what you have them do… might not be.

What other cool freebies have you encountered, nomads?

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