5-Minute YouTube Workouts You Can Do in Your Hotel Room

Abs are made in the kitchen hotel room, especially when you’re in a destination hailed for its amazing cuisine. Would you really want to sacrifice beach time for zumba? Not us! We’ll give our bodies five minutes and five minutes only. These YouTube workouts come from our own playlist of work-that-tush and keep us as healthy as we can whilst enjoying the nomadic lifestyle.

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#1 Morning Asana Flow

In her series ‘Yoga With Adrienne’, this digital guru is all about moving in a way that makes your body feel good. Forget the foam rollers on vacation and give your body a good stretch while breathing into any tightness.

#2 If You Packed a Strappy Bikini Bottom

Tighten up with none other than Brooke Burke herself. And you get to lie down the entire time. It’s okay if you don’t have a yoga mat with you because we’ve done this one countless times on hardwood floors and it’s never uncomfortable. The thing that is, though, is the immediate pain.

#3 Pre-Lunch HITT

No fitness list would be complete without Cassey Ho’s honest and motivational commentary. She’s like your virtual workout buddy. If you’ve yet to hear about High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), we’re glad to be the ones to introduce you to power-packed, fast workouts that do so much more good than an hour the gym.

#4 For Your Ab Goals

Ditch the 200-crunches-a-day for a workout that actually works*. This one keeps you standing up so there’s no chance of lying down and feeling like a complete failure. Nope, only flat abs and a strong midsection for you.

* We’ve been doing this for a long time and have still not reached our ab goals, although this is probably more to a lack of consistency on our part.

#5 The Thigh Trimmer

You’ll be feeling the burn by the end of it… or by the first minute. This intense workout by trainer Astrid McGuire and host Anna Jimenez is created to slim your inner thighs (yes!) and work the outer saddlebag area (the what now?). You would need repeat this routine three to five times a week.

#6 Get Madonna Arms

Put on those Lululemons and get to it! This workout requires no equipment, so really, there’s no excuse (at least that’s what we tell ourselves). Don’t be fooled, this arm workout will have your legs and abs working too.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation

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