Where to travel based on your 2019 Chinese zodiac

Everyone can relate to their own Chinese zodiac prediction in at least some small way. For us at The Luxe Nomad, we like to dig in a little deeper to find out which destinations are best suited to every sign. If not to make sure we have a good time, it’s to help us decide from hundreds of possible destinations.

So we scoured around for early 2019 forecasts and here’s our takeaway.


Your social activities are set to increase in 2019, as there will be good people all around you. Make use of this vibe you’ve got going on and hit cool resort towns or islands.

There’s always the option of retreating to a quiet beach, if you need a break. Photo: Karl S/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Phuket, Thailand

Why: Beaches lined with bars and restaurants, with fellow holiday-goers having a good time in the sun to keep you company – this is where you need to be, you social butterfly. And then retreat to your luxe villa or a quiet stretch of sand if you need a break.


You will have good health this year, but remember to maintain it. An adventure in the sun, with lots of outdoor activities will do you a lot of good and get your adrenaline pumping.

Travel according to your chinese zodiac
Queenstown is the world’s adventure capital. Photo: Pablo Heimplatz/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Queenstown, New Zealand

Why: Queenstown, a.k.a. the adventure capital, has amazing views you’ll want to enjoy from a hike up a mountain or as you plummet into a valley from a bungy rope.

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Take the year to prioritise your love life, if you’re in a relationship. If you’re single, be open to meeting new people – someone who’s perfect for you may be close by.

Travel according to your chinese zodiac
Everyone falls in love with Bali at some point! Photo: Artem Bali/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Bali, Indonesia

Why: Bali’s one of our favourite destinations of all time. It’s got amazing beaches, a blooming café culture, exciting surfs, a great nightlife scene and spa treatments all around the island. Check yourself into a romantic resort if you’re going as a couple. If you’re single, be open to meeting new people over drinks at popular spots like Motel Mexicola.


The year 2019 is time for exploration, self-improvement and self-confidence for you fluffy-tailed souls. Embark on a solo holiday!

Travel according to your chinese zodiac
Kyoto’s one of the most popular destinations for solo travellers. Photo: Sorasak/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Kyoto, Japan

Why: Japan often crops up in lists of safest holiday destinations. Kyoto is rich in culture, has great food and lots of interesting attractions. Most importantly, it’s a safe place for solo travellers.


It’s also a year of romance for you, dragon, so take a step back from your busy lives every now and then, switch off your mobile devices, and book yourselves a romantic trip, away from everyone else. If you’re single, then it’s going to be about self love; it never hurts to indulge in some me-time!

Travel according to your chinese zodiac
Behold, a blank canvas for sand dune bashing. Photo: Katerina Radvanska/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Oman

Why: Enjoy beaches, cruises, mosques sand dunes (you have to try sand dune bashing at least once in your life), with absolutely no chance of bumping into anyone you know.


Your zodiac is predicting unpredictability for you (yes, it’s ironic, sorry), so it’s best to stick to a safe destination (safe as in it’s got an established tourism industry so it will be easy for you to get around and find things to do, places to see, local delights to eat).

Travel according to your chinese zodiac
Samui villas often come with coastal views. Photo: PetiteClassyAdvent/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Samui, Thailand

Why: Private beaches, villas with panoramic views of the ocean. That’s the essential luxury holiday experience in Samui, which also has a lot of family-friendly attractions, beach bars, and restaurants. You could plan it all out to make full use of your time there, or just stay in with good company (plus, what’s a private chef for?).

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You’re going to see a spike in career opportunities this year, which will bring in a steady income. So, splurge!

The weather forecast? Fresh powder! Photo: Oliver Dickerson/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Niseko, Japan

You’ve earned yourself a well-deserved break, so go on a ski trip during wintertime with your closest friends and family, in between feasts (Hirafu is home to many good Japanese restaurants and bars, so go with an appetite!).


2019 looks bright for this zodiac in terms of work, wealth, love and health. It’s all going to go well! So have the courage to take on a more unusual destination.

Travel according to your chinese zodiac
Cape Town’s a surprisingly affordable destination! Photo: Ashley Jurius/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Cape Town, South Africa

Why: It’s a way away from this side of the globe, which means you’re really in for a change in scenery and culture. Which, if you get down to it, is why we love travelling in the first place. Cape Town is surprisingly affordable with great food to boot. Definitely book yourself a safari tour out of town!


It’s not the time for big risks, monkeys. Visit somewhere pretty laidback, where you can just relax, have hearty food and sip on great glass of your favourite wine.

Travel according to your chinese zodiac
Head to Florence when you’re craving for crowds Photo: Giuseppe Mondi/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Tuscany, Italy

Why: Hide away in the peaceful Tuscan countryside for wine and cheese tasting tours, homemade pasta, and postcard-perfect views. And when you do want some tourist action, head to Florence for a big dose of art and Renaissance architecture.


You’ll do well this year if you make quick and informed decisions, so don’t take too long deciding where to go on a holiday. If it’s a spur-of-the-moment thing, choose places that will keep your itinerary packed, even with last-minute planning.

Travel according to your chinese zodiac
A big city means you’ve got a big itinerary. Photo: Dan Freeman/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Sydney, Australia

Why: This bustling city is home to lots of good food, museums, beautiful beaches, ocean pools, farmer’s markets, and iconic attractions (we don’t have to tell you which). You won’t find it difficult to find something to do.

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Money matters are going to be one of your top concerns this year. It’s not that you’re having a hard time; it’s that you’ll need to manage your finances better. That said, if you’re going on a shopping holiday, bring a friend who can help be your voice of reason.

Will it be bustling towns or quiet bays for you in Vietnam? Photo: Chris Slupski/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Vietnam

Why: It’s not expensive to visit, with good food and beautiful seaside towns, and you could even do a spot of shopping at the markets for Vietnamese souvenirs if you really want. (Did we mention bring a friend to be your voice of reason?)


It’s your year! You will reconnect with family, old friends and co-workers, who will contribute in some way to an auspicious year. Celebrate by bringing your closest group of friends on holiday with you.

Travel according to your chinese zodiac
Oh Greece, how can we resist you? Photo: Tom Grimbert/Unsplash

Recommended destination: Greece

Why: Like, have you seen Mamma Mia? It really is romance, adventure and good food all packed into one affordable holiday best experienced in good company.

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