8 Travelling Pet Peeves!


We’re pretty laid back personalities at The Luxe Nomad, but if there is something that can really rile us up, it’s those annoying chair-kicking flyers while we travel. It got us to thinking that while we all have holiday gripes, we want to know what REALLY gets your goat! We ask our Nomads-on-the-Go for their particular jet setting irritations!

#1. When people in line don’t know what to take out of their hand carry during airport security checks – laptops, liquids, etc and slow us all down 🙁 – Patti Grandidge


#2. Hotel rooms without international plugs and luggage weight limits! – Sereni & Shentel


#3. Rude guests that make your stay at any hotel unpleasant. Especially if they are loud and rowdy when you’re trying to relax! – Paula Taylor


#4. Checking in the location on “Foursquare” upon arrival at the airport to earn virtual badges! – Sonny San


#5. When airlines use dirty tactics like lowering the air temperature in the cabins so they can sell a few extra blankets. I doubt they will sell enough blankets to recover the lost ticket purchase as I seek out another airline in the future! – Anthony Sandstrom


#6. When airport security officers look at everyone like they are suspects and make you remove half your worn items and then watch you with amusement as you hobble around trying to put on your shoes (as there are no seats). – Deborah Henry


#7. Flight delays, no inflight entertainment system on long haul routes and discovering a previous passenger leaving a souvenir for me in the toilet! – Allan Wu


#8. Getting food that is not up to par! It’s unbelievable how I have to self-meditate or calm myself down if I get terrible food while on holiday! Also screaming children (not babies, because babies are just babies), but children can be educated. – Joyce Wong (Kinky Blue Fairy)


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