Top Nomads Share Their Best Travel Advice

They say you don’t work a day in your life when you do something you love, but these Celeb Nomads, and our own Chief Nomad, know that when it comes to travelling you sometimes need a bit of help to point you in the direction. So we asked around for the best travel advice and here’s what we learnt:

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#1 Stephanie Chai

When I travel, I always book the window seat because it’s easy to lean on the side of the plane for a nap! After all, the risk you run when you’re in the middle seat, is that you might end up leaning on ‘someone’. Whilst the aisle gives you the best access to the bathroom… there have been quite a few instances where someone (or the trolley) stands on my feet. Thus, window it is!

#2 Julia Lundin 

Do some online (Pinterest and Instagram in my case) research of the places you are going to and the villas you’ll be staying in. This will not only help you understand what to expect, but will also allow you to pre-plan your outfits. As a blogger, research is  especially handy because I’ll be taking and posting pictures for social media, and I can literally match my clothes and accessories to the villa’s interior from home.

#3 Louise Roe

Spend money on your electronics. Especially if you’re a frequent traveller, having a charger pack for your phone, an international plug converter and the best music and movies downloaded in advance for a long trip, makes everything run smoothly. And always keep them in your hand luggage.

#4 Alexandra Cuthill

Travel on a whim. I had a five week holiday through Europe with a girlfriend and we decided to only book our return flights from Sydney to London. We had the flexibility of being able to do what we felt like on the day, or flipped a coin to decide which  Mediterranean island to visit next. You can find lots of great last minute deal with hotels and flights so I now always prefer to wing the experience a little.

#5 Amanda Thomas

I am a beauty freak and am obsessed with keeping my skin hydrated and clean throughout a flight, especially during a long international flight. My favorite skin care brand, Caudalie, makes all their products travel size which is so helpful. I love using the Beauty Elixir as a toner or mist, and then I always carry their Divine Oil as all all-over moisturiser. It smells amazing too which can be a great pick-me-up.

#6 Lesley Murphy

You don’t have to have every little detail planned out for every trip. Some of my best memories are from when I haven’t had an itinerary and just go with the flow. So many people feel tat they need to put in so much research behind every single day. Don’t get me wrong as research is good, but don’t be afraid to throw out the itinerary, relax, and see where the wind takes you. Slow travel is the best travel.

#7 Nicole Fung

The best travel advice I’ve ever been given is to have an open mind — be open to new experiences, meeting new people, trying new things, eating new foods, and learning about different cultures.

#8 Wendy H Gilmour

Travel like you’ll never be back. I think it’s so easy to fall so in love with a place that you become convinced you will be back and have another chance to do or see anything missed… often we don’t get that chance again so I try to travel like I’ll never be back — do and see everything I’m dreaming of and have no regrets.

#9 Taylah Nilsson

People say rolling your clothes allows you to fit more, but I disagree. It’s like a game of Tetris, you just have to work at it and fit it all in neatly like a puzzle.

#10 Melissa Koh

Wander and get lost! It’s the best way of exploring and learning about a place. And of course, bumping into unexpected finds!

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