This Week in Travel: Clowns, Unicorns & The Longest Airport Security Line

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the EgyptAir flight that went off the radar on Thursday. You can keep up with live updates on CNN.


#1 O’ Cat-nada!

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Amused? Here’s a cat with an actual  job at a museum

Who: Canadians, the nicest people in the world, they say.

Where: Calgary International Airport in Canada.

What: After massive wildfires in Fort McMurray broke out last week, close to 100,000 people have already been evacuated. Several airlines have started allowing pets to fly coach too, but this story in particular will give you all the feels. A cat named Meow Meow had to be left with Canadian North’s Flight Operations team after her owner went into labour. The team kept Meow Meow safe for a few day with live updates on their Facebook page, even giving her a name tag!

#2 What Did You Say?

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Who: Travellers lost in translation.

Where: Your passport is the limit.

What: This is so clever, it’s a wonder why it’s only come about now. An in-ear gadget called the Pilot will solve all language barriers without being too obvious. The two-piece device is worn by two people, connected to an app that has a well-advanced ‘translation technology’. Waverly Labs founder Andrew said he had the idea for it ‘after meeting a French girl’. Cue the awkward silences as there is a small lag while conversing.

#3 Are ‘Therapy Unicorns’ Worth The Wait?

Quit horsing around and give the people cookies instead

Who: Exasperated travellers.

Where: The longest airport security line in the world, at the San Diego International Airport.

What: Travellers are missing their flights because it takes forever to get through Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In an actual effort to remedy the situation, the airport has hired the Fern Street Circus to entertain the crowd (what if some people are terrified of clowns?!). In similar fashion, Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport has also hired miniature “therapy unicorns” statues to calm travellers.

#4 This Thai Island Is Closing Down

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here

Who: Tourists no more.

Where: Koh Tachai in Thailand.

What: Too much damage from tourism is the reason this tiny island, a world-famous diving spot, is closing down indefinitely. Beaches in Koh Tachai are reportedly meant to allow only 70 people at a time, but with over 1,000 visitors, the island is quickly deteriorating. If the island isn’t left alone for its beaches and reefs to recover, the island’s natural beauty could be lost forever. With summer coming up, check out these amazing dive spots instead.

#5 Next Stop: Oman

a luxury retreat with a conscience

Who: Travellers looking for the next Marrakesh.

Where: Six Senses Zighy Bay in Musandam.

What: Nestled between craggy mountains, the villas and suites are built of natural stone and warm woods to create a rustic Omani enclave. This haven of peace and tranquility offers holistic experiences including yoga sessions, spa treatments and a hammam. The resort is also actively involved in environmental, sustainability and social responsibility programmes.

May mayhem

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