There’s a Reason Airplane Windows Are Round (And it’s Serious)

Never gave the shape of airplane windows much thought? Yeah, neither have we. But apparently there’s a crucial reason airplane windows are round.

Once upon a time airplane windows were square-shaped, but there’s a huge reason for the change. As airplane models become more advanced and capable of flying at higher altitudes of 30,000 feet, the pressure difference between inside the plane and outside becomes greater. This pressure causes the plane to expand, although only slightly, it still causes stress to the aircraft.

Along came round windows, which prevents the level of stress from rising to a crack-inducing level of stress.

What would happen if windows remained square? The plane would disintegrate in mid-air, as is what happened in 1953 in an unfortunate incident that killed 43 passengers on board.

So thank you, round windows.

Enjoy the view, why don’t you?

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