St. Jude is Helping Sick Children Travel the World & It’s Amazing

Get ready for your whole day to change. We watched it, and immediately knew we had to share it with you.

While we talk about the thrill of travel and how everyone should be as much of the world as they can, we often overlook that travel is a privilege. Many can’t afford that luxury, or just aren’t able to. For the kids battling sickness at St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, it seems impossible.

And so the research hospital and Expedia have themed up to create the “Dream Adventures” program that makes travel a virtual reality. The whole thing is set up so well and when you see how the children react, you’ll be touched for sure. The children travel to their bucket-list destinations though an Expedia employee via a live feed. They sit inside a room with all four walls transformed to display the feed shot by 360-degree cameras, explore the location and interact with their travel buddy as it’s all happening.

We’d love to see more of this brought to children and other patients around the world. What could you do to make help someone’s travel dreams come true?

Do something nice for a loved one. 

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