This Week in Travel: Robots Run The Show at The New Changi Terminal 4

“Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.” — Peter Hoeg

#1 Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Who: Supposedly, ghosts. 

Where: Deerpark Christian Brothers School (CBS) in Cork City, Ireland. 

What: You can’t take these things too seriously, but in the spirit of Halloween (pun not intended), a second video of “hauntings” has been released by the school on their YouTube channel. According to the school’s deputy principal Aaron Wolfe, the school sits on grounds where people were hanged during penal times of the Irish Famine. As if high school wasn’t hard enough already…

#2 Singapore Changi Airport’s New Terminal 4 Opened up

Who: Passengers catching flights.

Where: Singapore.

What: The best airport in the world lives up to its title with the official launch of the new Terminal 4, serving flights for nine airlines. This new terminal takes over the old Budget Terminal, bringing with it 62 hops and 19 food and beverage options, including a “live roti prata station”! The airport focuses on a “contactless” experience with automated baggage drop and immigration clearance run self-scanners and a robot to keep it clean! Passengers can also catch a live theatre production of Peranakan Love Story inside the terminal.

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