Get a Modobag and Race Around the Airport

A couple of weeks ago we were enviously watching airport staff whizz past on their Segways. You could not look much cooler, or so we thought. Then we saw the ad for the new Modobag:

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Who needs a Segway really.

What really had us were the people looking smart in suits riding around without a care. Because for once, these inventions aren’t targeted for really young travellers (okay, young-ish). Guys, we could actually race around on Modobags.

Riding the suitcase is up to three times faster than walking. There’s an “indoor” setting but once you hit those automatic departure gates kick it up to the “outdoor” setting of 8 mph. The Modobag also comes with USB ports for charging electronics, real-time location tracking, and a crush-proof laptop compartment.

But uhm, here’s the kicker: it’s going to cost you USD 995. Would you buy one?

Fly away

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