Japan hit by earthquake as it recovers from worst typhoon in 25 years

The earthquake

The island of Hokkaido was struck by a 6.7-magnitude earthquake early Thursday morning, triggering landslides that destroyed homes and caused widespread power outages. The epicentre was 62km southwest of Sapporo, in the city of Tomakomai. Aftershocks of up to magnitude 5.3 were recorded after that.

No tsunami warning was issued, though the Japan Meteorological Agency said there was a slight change in sea level and officials also warned of more quakes, according to CNN.

It is not clear exactly how many people are injured, missing or trapped in their homes at this time, but one 82-year-old man reportedly died after falling down some stairs at home during the quake. Over 3 million homes are said to be without power.

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Typhoon Jebi

Japan is still recovering from the strongest typhoon to hit the country in 25 years. Typhoon Jebi struck Osaka on Tuesday, 4 September, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Kansai International Airport was forced to close amid runway floods, as schools and other regional businesses like Universal Studios Japan shuttered temporarily. Hundreds of flights and other train services were also cancelled. The only bridge that links the mainland to the airport’s artificial island was damaged after an ocean tanker, driven by strong winds, smashed into it. Stranded travellers are being ferried by speedboats from the airport.

Winds up to 162km per hour made the typhoon, which the BBC reports has killed at least 10 people, the strongest Japan has seen since 1993.

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