Guy’s Guide: Hey Ladies, How About You Do the Treating This Valentine’s Day?

Listen up Ladies. Today, strong is sexy. From Beyonce’s social media prowess to Rita Ora’s search for the next BOSS model, it seems as if we have finally reached an apex in the generational ebb and flow of female pop-culture personalities against the baby-voiced Britney Spears and Paris Hiltons of the 2000’s, and thank Buddha. Last year Scarlett Johansson—with her raspy, guttural voice—was the highest grossing actor (that’s actor, not actress) of 2016; this year Milla Jovovich is still killing it, – and zombies at 41, and then Gaga goes and jumps off the roof at the Superbowl. That said, with great power comes great responsibility, and this Valentine’s Day the wheel seems to have turned. We think it might be time that you treated us, and we even know what we might like. How’s that for chivalry?

#1 Beat us to the Punch 


The early bird gets the worm

What: It’s a bit of a drag that Valentine’s falls on a Tuesday this year (while the un-coupled out there collectively sigh with relief). So, while your man may be busy making reservations, planning a surprise, rushing home from work to shower, and/or probably having other things on his mind than a relaxing, romance filled evening with you being the focus of amorous affection on the 14th, just nip all that in the bud and make some plans of your own for the 10th, 11th or 12th. You’ll likely get a double dose of Valentine’s, and well, we all like a little bit of love-gluttony. It helps if you pick up the bill however, even if it is only symbolic.

#2 Beat us with a Punch


Also works if your relationship is a bit on the rocks

What: Whether you’re a 5 x a week gym-bunny or consider opening the refrigerator a workout, the couple that sweats together stays together…or something like that. More exciting than the gym however, and less insulting than gifting your guy a gym membership, think about taking a private boxing or Muay Thai class together. Unless you’re the next Ronda Rousey, chances are good that it’ll be a fun, funny, and healthy way to spend a few hours together. It’s also a great way to deliver some hits to the face if you’re repressing some anger.

#3 Take us Camping 


If the tent be rockin…dont come knockin

What: Call us Canadian (we are), but to us there’s nothing better than spending the night in a tent. In fact, a new study published in Current Biology demonstrated that our reliance on mobile devices and computer screens screws with our circadian rhythms (don’t worry, we had to Google it too). When test subjects were removed from electronic stimuli like cell-phones and computers and sent camping for a week, they fell asleep on-average two hours earlier than they usually would and slept longer. The conclusion? Camping is good for you. Plus, snuggling up in a sleeping bag is pretty fun too.

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#4 Don’t buy us Something Sentimental 


Check out 20 yr old Gabscanu on Instagram for other amazing aerial shots of Australia

What: Buy us a drone. If we already have a drone…buy us a micro drone. Leave all the uploading, editing, and boring stuff to us (unless you’re into that sort of thing) and we might even let you play with it. Perhaps you’ll even capture some sentimental footage together…see how we did that?

#5 Get a Room (Even on a Tuesday) 


While Langkawi is nice, even a capsule hotel can be fun

What: Now this one may require a bit of sneakiness, but a little mischief goes a long way. To really pull it off, you’re going to have to do some leg work, and that involves booking a hotel room and picking up the room key before the V-Day dinner. The scenario should go something like this: Guy takes you out for a nice romantic dinner; Guy orders a nice bottle of wine (maybe even champagne) with said nice romantic dinner; You get up after said romantic dinner to go to the ladies room; You give the room key to the waiter to give to Guy with the bill; You return to the table; Guy orders dessert for two, perhaps with some port; Dinner wraps up and you stare lovingly into each other’s eyes; Guy ask for the bill; Waiter delivers bill; You win Valentine’s.

No, really…Get a Room

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