Good News This Week: Wuhan Doctors Go Home + Penguins Take Field Trip

Chin up Luxe Nomads, here are some of the good news we found this week!

Are you stuck at home and tired of the never-ending stream of Covid-19 news? Rather than bombard you with more hard truths, here are some uplifting stories from around the world.

But first, a PSA: The travel industry makes up for 10% of the world’s workforce. The sooner we stay indoors, the quicker we’ll be able to flatten the curve so we can continue supporting local businesses and exploring our favourite places again. Thank you for taking social distancing seriously 🙂

#1 Medical workers begin returning home

Medical workers from around the country that travelled to Wuhan and Hubei to assist in the fight against the country’s epidemic are returning home. China recorded zero new local infections for the first time in two months yesterday bringing new hope that we can overcome this if we give our doctors and nurses a fighting chance.

#2 Penguins go on a field trip

The penguins (and hedgehog) of Shedd Aquarium in Chicago are keeping amused by visiting each other. With the aquarium closed to the general public in response to the world-wide pandemic lockdown, the facility’s animal caretakers have been coming up with new experiences and activities for their resident rockhopper penguins starting with a little field trip around the aquarium.

#3 Japanese students host graduation on Minecraft

A group of Japanese students are not allowing the Coronavirus to ruin their fun. Japanese schools may be closed but a group of elementary school boys hosted their own online graduation ceremony on Minecraft. One father posted a series of videos and photos onto social media. Kids these days… they’re pretty innovative!

#4 Italians party from their balconies

Although Europe’s hardest hit, the passionate and life-loving Italians aren’t about to give up any time soon. They have instead taken to their balconies to sing, dance and serenade their streets with musical instruments.

There have also been solidarity video messages from the Chinese saying, “Italy jiāyóu,” that roughly translates to Italy, stay strong! It’s great to remember that even in these isolated times we’re not silos.

Dream A Little. Travel From Home (for now!!)

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