7 Tips on Staying Sane While Working From Home

So, here we are in the midst of an apocalypse. Thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, you’re currently stuck at home. Firstly, and genuinely, thank you for working together to flatten the curve, and secondly, stop touching your face!

Whether your social distancing is self-imposed or government-sanctioned, we know it can take a moment to break in new habits and stave off cabin fever. With more than half the team having worked from home at some point or other, here are our 7 best tips on staying sane this next few weeks.

#1 Make your bed

We’re the first to admit, it is easy to open your eyes in the morning, roll-over and pull your laptop open in front of you (done it!). But the best way to survive working from home is to maintain a routine – starting with making your bed!

#2 Get dressed

Pull off your pajamas and put on your going-out clothes (even if it’s athleisure wear). Even taking the time to put on some lip gloss makes all the difference to how you feel overall. It’s small measures like this that keep your mental (and physical) health in check.

#3 Create your workspace

Separating your work and home life becomes crucial when you’re working from home. Concentrating at home is easier said than done when there is plenty of distraction (afternoon naps and 4 pm TV breaks, we’re looking at you!).

#4 Set the timer

One really bad habit we work against hard is working too hard! Remind yourself to get up and stretch every hour and to take toilet breaks. This will also help you focus on work by breaking down the load into segmented blocks.

#5 Check in with your team

Working remotely can feel isolating but with everyone connected via the web, don’t hesitate to schedule a quick 5-minute catch up to make sure everyone’s doing all right and surviving. Also, it’s a good time to ask your colleague who likes using the eye-roll emoji if he’s really rolling his eyes or if he thinks it means something else.

#6 Don’t rush

Breathe. Seriously. The work will get done. What’s most important is that you’re looking out for yourself first. We recommend 10-minutes of deep breathing when things start getting too wild.

#7 Exercise

Perform jumping jacks every once in a while to get the blood circulating. One thing we forget is how easy it is to become sedentary when we’re confined to a smaller space than usual. Do lunges, squats, or a one-minute plank.

Above all, keep calm.

Chloe Pharamond

This nomad's natural habitat is napping under a shady tree on the beach with a book clutched in hand. She likes fresh coconuts with a healthy splash of rum, organic conversations that meander into the night and getting lost in new places.

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  1. Actually made it up, showered, put makeup on and dressed as if I was going into an office meeting for my 6:30 PM online weekly meeting That was my personal best for the week 🙂 Each meeting we begin with out personal best and work best.

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