25 March 2020, the Nyepi observed around the world

Nyepi’s lessons in a time of social distancing.

In Bali, Nyepi is a time of purification. The night before is literally coloured by burning paper mache effigies or ogoh-ogoh before “shutting down” for 24 hours. No one is allowed on the roads, the airport is closed and all mobile telco lines on the island are switched off. While most hotels and villas maintain WiFi for guests, locals observe the day at home, with their families, and in solitude.

Which is where many of us find ourselves at this moment (thank you for staying at home!).

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Nyepi has four main edicts: no fire (light or electricity), no working (ehem, but the boss said to #WFH), no travelling and fasting (entertainment included). Though these seem hyper-restrictive, the intent is to take a moment in time (and from your gadgets) to self-reflect, listen to nature and look at the stars (the Milky Way can be seen on a clear Nyepi night).

Here are four important takeaways from this unique holiday even as we practice social distancing.

#1 Introspection

Self-evaluate your own personal values. Ask yourself those tough questions.

#2 Gratitude

Shoutout to all the things we took for granted. Thank you for existing.

#3 Humility

Inside, we’re not really strangers, even if we are but specks in the scheme of things.

#4 Relax

Let go of guilt or expectations. Life is short but that’s the beauty of it.

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How often do we get to stop rushing from place to purpose? How often do we think our decisions through rather than allow ourselves to be whisked up by life? How often do we come back to the crux of things? How often do we take responsibility for our lives?

Set your intentions right

What do you want to see in your life, in travel and in the world when we get through this?

Stop and stay awhile.

Chloe Pharamond

This nomad's natural habitat is napping under a shady tree on the beach with a book clutched in hand. She likes fresh coconuts with a healthy splash of rum, organic conversations that meander into the night and getting lost in new places.

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