5 travel Instagram accounts you need to know

When your Instagram feed is basically one long scroll of travel inspiration it can all start to feel a bit ‘samey’. Another girl in a bikini looking at a filtered sunset. Another artfully arranged breakfast table shot from above. Yet another angle on the Eiffel Tower. But when we want a jolt of original inspiration we can always rely on these five accounts to give us a fresh perspective on a favourite place, or introduce us to somewhere we’ve never seen before.

Paris by @lostncheeseland

American journalist Lindsey Tramuta documents her day-to-day life in the city of lights on  @lostncheeseland, filling her feed with tips for eating, drinking and shopping, and occasional glimpses of her chic Parisian apartment. Make sure you consult her book, The New Paris, before your next visit for insider advice and profiles of the designers, foodies and other cool young creatives who are shaping this exciting city right now.

Tokyo by @kitsunekun

Kathryn Bingham is an American photographer living in Tokyo and possessing a gift for finding the beauty in tiny little details. Her lens captures quintessentially Japanese scenes in new ways, whether it’s sunlight streaming into a ryokan, steam rising from an onsen, or snow falling on a rocky stream. And while you could be forgiven for being a bit over sakura pictures by this point of the year, seeing cherry blossom through her eyes is like seeing it for the first time.

Australia by @leantimms

Canberra-based photographer Lean Timms travels the country and the world, so while her main focus is the rolling hills, dusty towns and beautiful country homes of rural Australia, she also shares her journeys to everywhere from France to the Faroe Islands. As you’d expect from a professional travel and lifestyle photographer, Leann has an eye attuned to beauty and detail. In September, she’ll be sharing some of her secrets during The Flo Show’s 5-day styling, shooting and filmmaking retreat on the Greek island of Paros. Find out more here.

Africa by @everydayafrica

Collated by a collective of African photographers, @everydayafrica documents the mundane magic of day to day life on the continent. Think fewer safari scenes and a lot more candid portraits of real people and real life. Get to know Africa beyond the tourist clichés.

London by @georgianlondon

Skye O’Neill documents beautiful buildings and secret scenes across the UK capital, often with a short history lesson, such as this shot of Pickering Place, once home to the Texas Embassy. Follow her for ideas on creating your own London photography walk.

Kate Guest

Australian-born journalist Kate has spent the past 20 years travelling and working for some of the world's best publications in Australia, the UK and Malaysia. The former editor-in-chief of ELLE Malaysia, she recently swapped her stilettos for sandals and is now enjoying the freedom of her new freelance life. She's had a severe case of wanderlust since the age of 10, when her parents pulled her out of school to spend a year travelling around Australia in a 4WD and caravan, although these days she prefers #thatvillalife.

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