5 Tips for Travelling (Sanely) with Mum!

I’m going to start this post by saying, “My mother doesn’t enjoy guilt trips. She runs the travel agency.” (Just kidding, mum! You know I love you.)

So Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but what have you got planned for her? After all, Mother’s Day happens only once a year, and this is the best time to give back, express how much you love and appreciate her despite all the nagging and lectures (yeah, mums are notorious for those things), because at the end of the day, she really just wants the best for you, kiddo.

If you’re sending her out of town (been needing some breathing space?), or going with her on a trip (even better!), you’ll need to be reminded of a few ground rules so that you’ll both have the time of your lives. Here are five tips on how to enjoy (survive?) travelling with your mum, and whatever happens, always remember she loves you to the moon and back.


We’re going to say it again and again: plan ahead. Book the hotel. Book the car. Book her spa treatment. So when she frets and tells you, “Why not this hotel?”, you can say, “Ma, it’s been booked” or “Why not that car?”, you go, “Ma, it’s been booked.” Better yet, show her some love by planning out your trip TOGETHER because this means that you’ll be taking into consideration what she wants to do (and not just what YOU THINK is best to do). After all, this trip is more about her, so as you plan out your itinerary, ask what interests her: what kind of travelling weather is she up to? Does she want to go on a city tour or relax at a beach destination? How many days does she want to be away? Is she okay taking a red eye flight? What kind of restaurants does she want to try? These little things matter a lot, so pay close attention to what she says.


Mums can be a little old school but that’s okay. However, this means that you’ll have to remember that you’re not with your bestie or significant other and that it may take a little time for her to get adjusted to the thought of going to some place new. Bear in mind that you may have different rhythms, so take your sweet time to visit sites, talk about your day, and savour your meals. Practise il dolce far niente, or the beauty of doing nothing. If she wants to stay in, then do so. If she wants to take a look at the craft or gardening store, go with her. Not everything has to be on the dot, and showing your mum that you’re willing to do all these things for her will only make her feel loved. Patience is a virtue, so you’d better pack lots of it.


Imbibe a “Thelma & Louise” spirit (sans a Brad Pitt hottie) and ask her if she’s interested to do something out of her comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be extreme such as diving or bungee jumping (but if she’s game and her health permits, why not?). Make her try some exotic food (want some crickets, mum?) or convince her to finally wear that swimsuit number she has kept in her closet for the longest time. You can do the little things: if she’s never taken the subway, ride the metro with her. Or, if she hasn’t been to the ballet for the longest time, then why not surprise her with tickets to Swan Lake? It doesn’t really matter – big or small, it’ll be something she’ll remember, and you’ll keep in your heart forever.


When it comes to spending, now is the perfect time to treat her and shower her with experiences she’ll never forget. While on vacation, she may want to dine in fancy restaurants, or purchase a new accent chair for her hobby room (perfect timing: you’re browsing the flea markets in Paris). If you can’t afford it, gestures such as driving for her or making her breakfast are more than enough to put a smile on her face. It’s the thought that counts!


Mariah couldn’t have sang it better: you will always be her baby (mum, that is, not Mariah). This means that when mum turns on her critical mode (warning: mama-nazi alert) – “You need to brush your hair”, or “Wear more lipstick”, just grin and bear it. If she can’t help but pack some extra toiletries for you, or nag you to death about how you’ll be late for your flight, just assure her that she need not worry because you have everything under control. She will want to brush off that little crumb from the corner of your mouth, apply extra sunblock on your back, and annoy you to death, but remember this – your mum is just being a mum. The fact of the matter is she’ll always see you as her sweet little baby, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. One day, when you have children of your own, you’ll understand and probably be just like her (hey, I sounded just like my mum)!

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