5 Best Post-Surgery Hideaways – How to Avoid Everyone at All Costs!

Let’s face it, (disclaimer: all puns from here are fully intended) it’s absolutely commonplace in today’s society to want to have a little work done; a tuck here, a nip there. But unlike the volley of K-Pop stars who have convenient ‘accidents’ to hide behind closed doors and recover away from prying eyes, it’s not so easy for us common folk to stage an accident. So how do you get away with murder surgery?

Simple, call it stress and go on a holiday right after your foray with the needles and knives.

The recipe for success goes like this:

– 1 full crew to look after your every need

– 1 secret entrance for sneaking in

– Plenty of peace and quiet

– A great bed

– A dash of great ambience and hospitality

Optional: A topping of great views, or a sprinkling of healing food and drink to speed up the process.

Should you know not of such a place with all the ingredients for a great getaway, here are some from the top of our heads…



The Sanctuary is not only what it’s meant to be (read: sanctuary) but also is akin to having your very own self-sufficient village. 9 bedrooms with a gym, garden, spa and great wide open living and dining spaces, it’s super private and in our humble opinion, stunning in all sense of the word. Waft through the Balinese pondsand fountains all round the villa, or float in the immense magical 35m infinity pool that overlooks the river. Better yet, grab your close buds and live it up (as much as you can) millionaire-style in this modern paradise.



Singita Castleton Lodge, South Africa (coming soon to The Luxe Nomad) is, as the name implies, a castle-like structure, but set in a supremely unique location, in the middle of the 45,000 acre Sabi Sands private reserve. Rally a group of close-knit friends (those who won’t tease you endlessly about your temporary resemblance to a pufferfish) and kill two birds with a single stone. Your private pool with a backdrop of the safari beyond makes for an excellent chillout spot, whilst private tennis courts (though we wouldn’t advise playing, unless you’re feeling tip top!) and spa treatment rooms ease away the discomfort. A full staff is at your fingertips, and not to mention a private wine cellar that has over 222 labels and 20,000 bottles to keep you constantly buzzed while awaiting your transformation.



If heaven was this good and concretely available, we’d all be angels. One look at the glistening blue waters will give you a sense of renewal, and another at the vibrant décor will have your heart exploding with joy. Luxury is in the details here, as the bigger villas will net you waterfall features in the bathrooms, private butler service and even in-villa wine cellars. Private gym suites are also an option, to give your healing body the gentle work out it needs. Beachside, it grants you the gift of a private outside sitting area (no one to witness your nude sunbathing!) and direct access to the beach, so you can skitter to and fro as your heart desires.



Set on 6 acres of beachfront gardens, just being in Sepoi Sepoi will give you a fantastic feeling of escape and forever Fridays. Kid-friendly, there’s a huge fresh water (!) swimming pool with raised ends for the little ones to splash about in, great for mums who have undergone a tummy tuck! Poolside lies a bar with plenty of spirits – always the recipe for a good time, or just to escape your troubles (or swelling) for the meantime. Since alky makes a great substitute for a painkiller, you might as well have some fun while numbing the pain.



Standing high above on 4071 sqm of land, this gem of Phuket gives you superb, unobstructed views over the Indian Ocean. Glass paneled bay views and slick marble surfaces give the compound a super luxe finish. Sprawling living and dining areas combine to more than 2000 sqm, plenty of space to lie (or hide) about while recovering. All bedrooms are en suite, and 4 of the 6 bedrooms have private deck areas, all the better to sun in. Entertainment spaces are spread out across the whole compound, but be careful not to laugh too loud… lest you split those stitches (at least your Botox-ed parts will stay in place)!

The Luxe Nomad

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